Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye Binky! (Thumbuddy to Love - Binky Fairy Review!)

I have been trying to figure out a way to help Chloe give up her pacifier. We called it a Bink or Binky. We are switching rooms in our home to move my husband's office downstairs into a small room, which is counted as an office according to the house plan of the house we own (probably because it has a small, small closet), and then turning his office, which is upstairs, and a HUGE bedroom, into a bedroom for our two girls! We have been talking to Chloe about it and telling her what we are going to do for a few months now so that when the time came, we wouldn't be surprising her with the bedroom change.

The night before last, I told her that in a few weeks, when she gets her big girl room, that the Binky Fairy is going to come and take her Bink away to new little babies like her baby sister who need it, and give her a Big Girl present in return when she gets her big girl room. (Thank goodness Hailey hasn't taken to a pacifier, we have them in the house, and they will be thrown out.) Chloe knows that Hailey won't take a pacifier, and we have been trying since she was born, but she refuses to take one.

Chloe cried, and said that she will be sad, and she told her Daddy about the Binky Fairy. My husband told her that she is a big girl now, and that she didn't need her bink anymore. Chloe came into her room and gave me a big hug and handed her binky to me. She told me to take it and give it to the Binky Fairy. I made sure to double check with her if she wanted it back before she went to bed, and she told me no. She slept all the way through the night without waking up once or crying for her binky. I don't know who was more sad about it, her or me?

Then this morning she told me that she was sad about not having her bink, and she asked me if the binky fairy took it, and I told her yes that she did take it to another little baby who needs it. Chloe is three years old, around the same age that we had to take our son's pacifier away cold turkey. He wasn't giving his up, so that worked for us. We put him to bed one night and didn't mention it, and he stopped asking for it.

It also helped to have a Binky Fairy on hand from Thumbuddy to Love along with the little book to tell the story of how she collects the binkys!

Disclosure: I received a Binky Fairy and book from Thumbuddy to Love for review. I would have to say, it works!!! The above story is 100 percent true.

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  1. That's so sad, but it's such a gentle and loving way to do it. I'm glad it went well. :)


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