Monday, September 3, 2012

"Home in the Cave" by Janet Halfman - Children's Book Review!

Home in the Cave is a beautiful story about a baby bat who doesn't want to practice waving his wings or learn to fly because he feels safe and doesn't want to leave his cave. The baby bat ends up waving his wings anyway, and he accidentally lets go of the cave ceiling and ends up falling into the nest of a rat. The rat takes the baby bat around to different areas of the cave and tells the baby bat how many creatures below depend on the bats to live and survive. There is some great information about bats and caves in the back of the book. This book is great for all children, homeschoolers, teachers, and anyone who wants to read a sweet story about a baby bat.

I never realized just how many creatures really do depend on bats above to survive. When we were in India, there were many bats up in the ruins of buildings and we could hear them making noise above and in darkened areas of the ruins.

You can purchase "Home in the Cave" on, or at just about any online bookstore or brick-and mortar bookstore. Any local bookstore that doesn't have the book will usually be happy to order it. It's also available for purchase from the publisher, Home in the Cave is available in hardcover, softcover, and also comes as an e-book in English and Spanish.

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Thank you very much to Janet Halfmann for donating some autographed children's books to our Lifehouse Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation silent auction that we are holding at the end of this month! We greatly appreciate it.


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