Friday, November 2, 2012

Take Your Family To See "Wreck It Ralph" This Weekend! (Movie Review)

We really enjoyed seeing Wreck It Ralph last night in 3D! My five year old son Matthew loved it! He said it was the best movie ever! My three year old daughter didn't sit through it though, so I recommend the movie for children ages four and up.

Ralph is a character in a video game where he has re-lived the same things everyday, for thirty years. The residents of the building that he destroys day after day, has a big party for the guy who fixes the building, Fix-It Felix Jr., when Ralph wrecks it, and Ralph wasn't invited. So Ralph thinks that if he gets a medal, that the residents in the video game will appreciate him more, and maybe throw a party for him too. Ralph meets a character from a new video game who is consumed with doing the same things over and over again everyday. This guy kills bugs with a big gun and he wears a lot of body armor, so Ralph ties him up and steals his helmet and armor and he goes into the video game. Ralph then finds that a medal is kept and climbs up a building to get it. Ralph then ends up in an escape pod and crash-lands in another game called Sugar Rush, a kart racing game. While he is trying to get to the medal, he meets Vanellop von Schweetz, a character who glitches in the game.

I don't want to give away the rest. I saw that you can read about most of the story online, but you need to see the movie for yourself to see what happens. The graphics are awesome! We really enjoyed the details of the characters and the candy video game.

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Disclosure: I received admission to see a special screening of Wreck It Ralph for my family and I in exchange for my post from a PR person. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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