Monday, November 5, 2012

What's One Thing You've Always Wanted To Do In Your Life? ("Fifty Two Shades of Blue-ish" - book)

I have always wanted to go to another continent. I never thought in a million years that I would ever get the chance. In 2006, my husband had taken a few trips for his work back and forth to India. I had scene and heard of his adventures and of the things that he wanted to see. I had mentioned that I would like to go to India someday, and of the things that I wanted to see and do.

So a few weeks after he had gotten back from his second trip, they wanted him to go back. It honestly seemed like he had just gotten home. We had gotten married a few weeks before they asked him to leave again. So he asked them if they would pay for me to go to, that he would go and stay for a few months. They agreed! We flew out the end of June and we didn't fly back home until the beginning of November! We saw the Taj Mahal, some awesome forts and castle type buildings, ate some really spicy food, and we saw the Indian ocean in Goa, India. On our way home, we spend seven days in Amsterdam. The Netherlands (Europe)! Our hotel was centrally located and we were able to walk where ever we wanted to go! We got to see the Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, ride on a boat in the canals, eat breakfast in an Irish pub, and more! We even saw a movie in a theater, and while waiting for the movie to start, a mouse was sitting on an arm rest in front of us! We have some great memories from our journey, and then some!

What's the one thing that you've always wanted to do, or have you accomplished it already? Check out Fifty Two Shades of Blu-ish, and read about author Karen S. Exkorn's bucket list and her adventures! You can read about Karen below!

When author Karen S. Exkorn set out to write an erotic humor novel, she had just turned 52 and felt she had finally reached a stage in her life where it was time to do all things she was afraid or embarrassed to share in public. A woman of many shades, Exkorn, now keeps a list of things outside her comfort zone that she wants to try NOW ( which she NEVER refers to as a bucket list because,  let’s face it, anything with the word “die” in it isn’t all that fun.)  Recent “check-offs” from her list include “Meet Beyonce”, “Flashing a truck driver” and  “Go on a date with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.”  The author calls upon all women to grab a pen, channel their inner princesses and start making their own lists too.

Is there something that you've always been too scared or too embarrased to try? Grab a pen, pencil, or word page and start making your own lists of what you would like to accomplish in your life, and start doing them, NOW!

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