Thursday, March 28, 2013

The "Why?" Stage

My three and a half year old daughter Chloe wants to know Why I am doing this or that. She then asks me "Why?" after I give her an answer to her question. It's a vicious cycle that just won't end. I understand her curiosity somewhat. But she's not asking me why the sky is blue. She's asking me why I am going to the bathroom. Why am I changing my clothes. Why am I getting a snack. Why am I putting my shoes on. It's really, honestly, annoying the heck out of me. I did ask her to stop. I finally yelled at her about it and told her that she doesn't need to know WHY I am doing things. That it's no ok for her to question mine and her dad's every move. For now, for the past few hours, it has stopped. We will see how long it lasts.

Does anyone know if three and a half is the right age to be doing this? She is also tattling, begging for food constantly, and she never does what I tell her to do without us counting down, or giving her a spanking. Yes, we spank our kids. It depends on what they did if they get a swat or two, go in time or, or to their rooms. No, I don't want to argue about this. Please don't post a link below as to why I shouldn't spank my children.

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  1. My little niece is about the same age as your daughter, and she does a lot of the same kinds of things. Instead of asking why, she asks other questions. Like when she found out there is a baby in my belly, she spent an entire dinner questioning me about the baby.

    "Is your baby crying?"

    "Is your baby sleeping?"

    "Is your baby a boy or a girl?"

    "Is your baby hungry?"

    Also, I was spanked. I turned out okay. Spanking isn't what does harm. It's people who spank out of anger or resentment, not out of love and a desire to help form their children into better people.


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