Thursday, May 2, 2013

PregPrep: Make That Baby Kit (Pre-Pregnancy Kit To Promote Fertility and Healthy Conception) Review!

The Make That Baby Kit offers a targeted approach to fertility support while you are trying to conceive. The kit includes a two month supply of: FertilPrep, VitaMelts, and Essential Balance Oil.

I am not planning to have another baby. But I have a friend who is. She helped me review the PregPrep Make That Baby Kit! We won't, of course, find out if she's pregnant for another few weeks, or months. She has been taking the VitaMelts everyday, and she just started taking the FertilPrep capsules to make it easier for sperm to travel to her egg! The creator of the PregPrep Make That Baby Kit, Dr. Oboler, discovered that mucolytics can thin cervical mucus, making it less sticky, so the sperm can swim more easily to the egg! That's what the FertilPrep capsules are made with!

PregPrep offers a NEW, targeted approach to getting pregnant that supports fertility during the most important days of your cycle. Based on years of research and created under the guidance of a renowned OB/GYN, the Make That Baby (MTB) kit contains a two month supply of three carefully formulated products that work together to optimize your chances of getting pregnant. has an online Pregnancy Checklist, Conception Facts, and Ovulation Calender for you to read about and follow! All of this is listed on the website under the "Essential Guide" tab.

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Disclosure: I received on PregPrep Make That Baby Kit from a PR agency in exchange for my review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

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  1. Was wondering where can I buy this product how much do they cost


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