Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hailey's 12 month check up and Finger Prick! OUCH!

Hailey had her 12 month check up yesterday. She weighs 18lbs. 12 oz. now! Finally gaining a little weight. Well, they pricked her middle finger on her left hand, and she got the first band-aid off in the Dr. office. So I asked for more and more gauze. Thinking that in 5 or 10 more minutes, that it would stop bleeding. Well, it didn't stop, for hours!!!

I put on one of the cloth band-aids that I had in the diaper bag and she couldn't get it off. She finally fell asleep on the way to lunch, and she ate lunch with it on. Thought we were in the clear and she would leave it alone? Nope. We get home, her face, knees, left hand, and shirt are covered in blood and her finger is just leaking blood everywhere. So I brought her inside the house, cleaned it off, got another New band-aid, a bigger one, and she did leave it alone and took a nap.

I called a friend who is a nurse at a peds office, and I asked her how do I make it stop bleeding, and she mentioned putting ice on it. That didn't help. We also joked about putting it in flour, like you do when you cut too close to a dog's vein when you clip their nails, and she said that I could try corn starch. My husband came home and bought some at the store, at 6pm at night. I unwrapped her finger, and it was still wanting to bleed, a lot. My mom also mentioned using a cotton ball, which I know can help. (I don't know why they don't use cotton balls after doing this in the ped. office, but I am going to suggest it next time I go.) So I cleaned her finger, dipped it in corn starch, put a cotton ball over it, and another big band-aid. Well, it worked. She kept it on all night long. When she woke up this morning, I took the band-aid off, and her finger finally sealed itself. She had her finger pricked around 12noon, and it bled until after 6pm. So frustrating and stressful. She kept saying Owe, owe, owe when she'd touch it. Poor baby. She made me hold her until it was her bedtime after her nap. I am so glad that she's the last one of our babies. I love kids, but I couldn't go through this again. 

*I posted this because it was and is a true story. I didn't get paid for posting this at all. I am sharing one link above because it posts seven natural ways to make a cut or nick stop bleeding.


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