Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sibling Rivalry

My kids are getting bored now with being home and their toys, and this raining, gloomy, humid weather. It's either too hot or raining outside and too wet to go out and do anything like play on their swing set or to go hiking around all of ours and our neighbor's back yards that are connected together by five plus acres. My son is five and a half and on antibiotics, so he can't be out in the sun for too long. My daughter just turned four, and both kids love to push each others buttons.

It causes me anxiety to let them go at it. But sometimes, I have to. Chloe needs to learn to fight her own battles, and her brother. She needs to learn that if he hits her, that she needs to hit him back twice as hard before I stop the two of them. She needs to learn how to get away from him and out from under him, because I can't always be around every second of every day to intervene. This is what we get for having our children twenty two months apart in age. My younger sister and I were two years apart age wise growing up, and I learned to steer clear of her and leave her alone. Then my baby sister came about, and she was a booger. She was always hitting me and kicking me, and I always got in trouble for it, or so I felt I did. I guess the next few days, before school starts, this mama needs to come up with some structured indoor activities and games to keep them busy. That way they won't get bored and start fighting again.


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