Saturday, July 6, 2013

What Would You Do If Your 12 Month Old's Blood Test Came Back Positive For Lead?

This is what happened to us. Hailey's finger prick came positive for lead. She could of touched our floors, walls, small carpet in front of our fridge, her stroller? Maybe she touched a toy with lead paint on it in our home? Maybe it's our end tables, her pack and play, her clothing? Maybe, it's the food, baby food, that she has been eating?

Lead in baby food? Why would there be lead in baby food? Because, there is! Yep, you heard me right, there is lead in the very baby food that Hailey, and many other babies, have been eating!!! There is also lead in Del Monte and Dole packed fruits! Nice huh!

California is really strict about how much lead and other things go into foods packaged and sold in their state, and I feel that ALL 50 states should also follow their lead (funny how the two words are the same, sound different, and mean different things, I had to look them up). But, lead in baby food? Who would have ever thought that baby food could harm a baby? I never did, but I do now.

There is a printable list of ALL of the baby food that is safe, and those that tested not safe. Here is information on the case still pending in CA.

There is also a printable list of other foods, that children and adults alike have certainly eaten at one time or another, that were found to contain lead, and those foods that were tested, that didn't contain lead.

Hailey won't be eating anything on these lists, nor will my other children or I. I am also going to go through ALL of our clothing. Because did you know, clothing can contain lead too. I feel that minimizing our family's exposure at this point should be done. Even if the blood drawn from Hailey's arm comes back fine, I am still going to minimize the lead exposure in our home and bodies.


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