Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Wednesday 9/4

BaleFire Labs Yearly Subscription (3 winners) (@9am CST) - U.S. - *GT

Item with your choice of Personalization from Mona MELisa Designs - U.S. - Dragonfly Sweetnest *RC

Pink Monogram Otterbox Case - U.S. - Makobi Scribe *GT

Assortment of Sara Lee Snack Cakes, one Sara Lee logo water bottle, and one Sara Lee logo lunchbox - U.S. - Makobi Scribe *GT

$30 gift certificate from Hipcycle - U.S. - Makobi Scribe *GT

“I Promise Not to Suffer” Book - U.S. - A Nation of Moms

Ultimate Life Prize Pack (DVD, Book, Bracelet, and Journal) - U.S. - Just Kidding Around Atlanta *RC

Tube of Leonie Blackhead Removing Peel-off Mask - U.S. - Lipgloss and Spandex *RC 

Giveaways With Over 200 Entries, but under 500!: 

VIP Shift Kit from Tory Johnson - U.S. - Inspired by Savannah *RC

Tie of your choice from Necktie Emporium - U.S. - Networking Witches *RC

Bubble Necklace from Our World Boutique (3 winners) - U.S. - Your Golden Ticket Blog *RC

Custom Baseball, Softball or Hockey Puck (includes a ball and shipping, and does not include a stand or tee) - U.S. - The Review Wire *GT

Box of Woolzies Dryer Balls - U.S. - The Thrifty Housewife *RC


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