Friday, September 27, 2013

POOCHAMUNGAS Block Party (Children's Music) Review! (Release Date Oct. 8th, 2013!)

Most children LOVE to listen to music. I know that mine do! Especially music that is made for them with easy lyrics about things that children understand. We mostly listen to music when riding in our truck, to school, home from school, to the store, or when running errands. I also like to play music for them on school breaks and sometimes on the weekends when we are hanging out at home. It helps the children and I stay active, and get some energy out.

Poochamungas's song lyrics are rated G, for everyone. There is no hard rock, rap, or anything that you would need to worry about when your children are listening to their music. It's fun, easy to learn, great to dance to, and just overall, awesome! My four and six year old's favorite songs are: "Around the World," "Big Red Fire Engine/Truck," and "Imagination Train." To listen to these songs and other songs on their Block Party album, go to their website!

"Poochamungas, an Americana rock-n-roll outfit from the second city, rocks a clean electric guitar and a jumpy piano on their canine-centric self-titled track from their brilliantly named kindie debut, Mud, Mommies, and Mayhem." -- Jeff Bogle, Out With The Kids

"A great blend of blues, folk and Americana. With lyrics that talk straight to the kids and music sophisticated enough for the whole family to enjoy, Poochamungas will get toes tapping and bodies moving," -- Dave Loftin, The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

CHICAGO -- Led into action by a real-life, full-time Chicago firefighter, kindie rock band Poochamungas is all set to blaze a trail on the national scene with the September 17 release of their second kids'/family CD, Block Party!

Block Party! follows hot on the heels of Poochamungas' NAPPA award winning debut album, Mud, Mommies and Mayhem, continuing the band's tradition of "musically diverse, rockin', angst-free music." There's nothing pretentious about this group. Block Party! cooks up a down-home, musical celebration with friends and family. This CD is about fun and sharing good times, pure and simple.

The straightforward, uncomplicated musical charm of Block Party! harkens back to Poochamungas' firehouse origins, when John Joyce, a 17-year veteran of the Chicago Fire department, teamed up with fellow firefighter Pete Cunningham to see how far they could go with their musical talents. The pair had always enjoyed each other's company since their days together in the Chicago Fire Academy, and their mutual love of music soon began to consume a big part of their lives. In 2008, Poochamungas was born!

Block Party! revs up the fun-o-meter with "Around the World," a bit of rocking '50s style topped off by a driving honky tonk piano reminiscent of early Jerry Lee Lewis and Bill Haley, followed by a great action song about bike riding, "Till the Sun Goes Down." In contrast to the driving intensity of the first two numbers, "My Favorite Summer Day (Block Party)" is a kind of hometown, Americana nostalgic reverie of neighborhood good times from the perspective of a young parent -- something of a rock 'n' roll Rockwell. Another highlight, reflecting the band's firehouse connection, is a spiffy rhythmic ode to the fire truck, "Big Red Fire Engine/Truck."

Order or download your copy of POOCHAMUNGAS Block Party Album from Amazon, iTunes, or starting October 8th, 2013!

POOCHAMUNGAS Upcoming Performances:
October 31 - Trunk or Treat, Chicago, IL
November 16 - World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA

Check out the Poochamungas website at 

Disclosure: I received a copy of the POOCHAMUNGAS Block Party CD in exchange for my review. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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