Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Please Make Sure To Check If You Are Eligible To Enter And Win Giveaways! Thank You!

PLEASE make sure to read the bottom of my Rafflecopter forms and the bottom of ALL Giveaway forms when you enter a giveaway. I always state on mine if they are open to the main 48 continental United States, or if they are open to all 50 U.S. states.

When I say that the giveaway is only open to the main 48 continental United States, then residents of Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible to win the giveaway, even if they are chosen as a winner. I will have to choose another winner if you tell me that you live in Alaska or Hawaii, I'm sorry.

Some giveaways, but not too many, that I do, are open to all of the U.S., and Canada too, or just to the main 48 states, and Canada too. Please though, click on the bottom of ALL Rafflecopter forms where it says "Terms and Conditions" to find out if you are eligible to win giveaways on my blog and on other blogs too. Thank you.



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