Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Disney's "The Pirate Fairy" Movie Review! (Tinkerbell)

The Pirate Fairy is about a fairy named Zarina. She asks a lot of questions like "Why does Pixie Dust make things fly?" So she tries an experiment that makes the pixie dust change colors. Purple pixie dust makes things move faster. Pink Pixie Dust made a plant grow really big and it overtakes Tinkerbell's home and the Pixie Dust Depot. Zarina gets in trouble, packs up her things, and leaves Pixie Hollow.

The movie also brings back Periwinkle, Tinkerbell's sister from the last Tinkerbell movie "The Secret of the Wings!" During the Pixie Hollow games, Zarina comes back and covers everything with some colored pixie dust, and it makes all of the fairies sleep. She seems to have turned evil. She came to take the stash of blue pixie dust from all of the fairies who live in Pixie Hollow. Without blue pixie dust, the fairies won't be able to fly.

Zarina takes the blue pixie dust to a pirate ship, where she is the captain, and a young Mr. Hook is one of her mates. Zarina does something to switch the fairies talents. Which is interesting to watch when the fairies try to implement their new talents.

The music of the Pirate Fairy is awesome! I hope they put out a soundtrack, my children and I would love to have a copy! The music is pretty inspirational.

Make sure to read my friend, Mitch's interview with the producer of the Pirate Fairy, Jenni Magee-Cook!

Go buy your copy of "The Pirate Fairy" today! You and your children will thank me, and watch to watch it over and over again!

P.S. Make sure to watch the credits until they start scrolling, of course!

I purchased a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack at Wal-mart that included a special DVD with some mini-cartoons with Tinkerbell and her friends for the same price as the regular Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack.




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