Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Follow Up Post To My "TCAPS and SAT-10 Refusal Letter #StopCommonCore" Post

I sent a copy of the letter to my son's kindergarten teacher, who was not in school today, for some reason, but she will get it tomorrow. I was wondering why she hadn't called or emailed me today.

I then took a copy of my letter, that I changed up a little, to the school principal. She happened to walk into the school office as I walked it. I turned bright red, and I was in tears when I gave it to her. But I told her that I was refusing to let my son take the SAT-10 tests. She said that she understood, and that it was ok for me to call the school around 9:30a.m. to see if the kindergarten was done testing, or to find out a time when they would be done so that I could bring my son to school to participate in other activities at school.

Well, it turns out that she was wrong, she didn't know that. Even if I do send my son to school around say, 10:00a.m., they will take my son and make him take the tests when he returns to school. Then they have a make up test day on Wednesday, May 7th, and if I send my son to school on that day, they will make him take or complete 4 to 5 hours or tests on that day! She said that it would be best to keep him home for all 4 days of testing, and the one make up day too. As long as your child is in the school, they will test them.

I did ask if there were other parents who came in to try to Opt their children out of the testing, and she said yes, that there were. Then she said that she handed them the letter below from the school district, and the parents said "ok," and walked out. They didn't bring anything into the school with reasons as to why they didn't want their children to take the tests. These parents didn't bring actual information with the state laws behind them. BUT I DID! Always put it in writing!

There is NO current LAW stating that your children have to take these tests, in ANY State in the U.S.!

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