Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day From Me and Hyland's! FREE App.! #Ad

Happy Mother’s Day!
It’s the month of Mother’s Day - a time when we always try to fully express our appreciation for our dear mothers. Being a mom is the mother of all jobs, requiring intuition, intelligence, selflessness, imagination, humor and countless other qualities. Hats off to all of you nurturing, loving women who are caring for your children every waking minute. May you feel the respect and support you deserve – especially from all of us at Hyland’s. Happy Mother’s Day!

Special Mother’s Day Gift from Mother’s Day
We have a special gift for you! In celebration of moms, we’ve partnered with Obaby, an app for telling beautiful baby stories with handcrafted artwork on photos. This special Mother’s Day Edition sponsored by Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets will be going free (normally $4.99) from 5/8/14 – 5/14/14. So, head on over to the App store on iTunes to download the Obaby app and start celebrating moms!

Parent to Parent
Now is the time for you make way for your children to do something wonderful for you! On Mother’s Day, allow them to take center stage to express how proud and thankful they are. Depending upon their ages and abilities, help them discover how they can give back to you. It’s ok to drop happy hints, by making a list of simple possible pleasures. They’ll make the choice based on that and it’s a guaranteed success! Suggest a foot massage, opening the curtains, taking a walk, making their beds, putting on a sock-puppet show. Whatever it is – it’s all about you – at least for a few minutes!

Healthy lifestyle
Speaking of Mother’s Day, we can’t help but talk about family meals. Going out for a meal is a typical way to celebrate. It can also be stressful. We’re grateful when we see the words ‘kids menu’ as an option. But when those portions are not available, it’s ok to ask for food with less salt, spice and sauce. Chefs should be told the portion is for a child and they can accommodate in the kitchen. Always ask for what you need at restaurants. You and your family are worth the extra few seconds of love and care!

Homeopathic Helper*
Have you appreciated how well homeopathic medicines have worked for your children? Have you tried any homeopathic medicines for yourself? Getting started with homeopathy can be pretty simple. Many companies, like Hyland's, make what are called "combination" homeopathic solutions for common illnesses. These combination medicines combine single ingredient medicines, such as allium cepa and zinc, which treat various symptoms of the illness. This combination of ingredients likely includes the best treatment for your symptoms and will help your body resolve it. So, check out the homeopathic medicines on store shelves and read through the ingredients to ensure the symptoms listed match the symptoms you experience and you're off to a great start. If you want to delve deeper, look for a naturopathic doctor or homeopath in your area and schedule a consultation. Our bodies are amazing things and it’s great to try a safe, effective and natural option for your health! The uses for our products are based on traditional homeopathic practice. They have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.

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Disclosure: I did not receive anything in exchange for posting this for Hyland's. I simply wanted to share this with you, my readers and mothers.


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