Sunday, May 25, 2014

"The World Wars" Three Night Mini-Series Event On The History Channel Starting Monday Night, 5/26 #TheWorldWars

I will be watching a 3-Night mini-series on The History Channel, starting tomorrow night, Monday, 5/26/2014, called "The World Wars." This would be great for parents to watch with their children, or to record for them for later to watch, so that your children can actually learn our REAL history, and not the fake history that the Common Core is telling kids now. Our children need to know about the REAL history of the United States of America, and history about the WORLD! Please tune in, and let your children watch it later, after you view it, and see if it's age appropriate at this time for them to watch it too. "The World Wars" will be on The History Channel on Monday night, 5/26 at 8:00p.m. CST. Check your local listings or History channel for more details and to set your DVR to record it!

Click HERE for a Sneak Peak!


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