Friday, June 13, 2014

Check Out Three Of Rachel & The #TreeSchoolers Learning Shows For Preschoolers FREE! #KickStart

Rachel & the TreeSchools is different from other kids programming because it teaches children sign Language, songs, music, colors, flowers, how flowers, plants, and trees are created, and more! It teaches kids to have fun while learning things that they don't teach children much about in school anymore. Most everything after second grade is focused on learning about what's only on the tests, and how to pass them, which really is sad.

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers episodes contain layered learning. Children will learn about a subject, like flowers, and then be taught and shown little by little, how flowers, trees, and plants grow through music, dancing, cute little characters that children can relate to, and more!

Watching Rachel & the TreeSchoolers will help to make smart kids smarter! Signing Time and these episodes are all family funded programming. These episodes will also include the complete preschool curriculum! Which will be great for children whose parents can't afford to send them to preschool, children who don't qualify for HeadStart PreK programs, and for homeschooling parents too! Rachel & the TreeSchoolers is accountable to parents.

Every episode includes 30 plus facts and concepts that every preschooler needs to know! I started watching the second episode on Plants and Flowers with my 4 1/2 year old. We got through 10 minutes of it, she loved it, and wants to watch more! The intro was a little long, but the facts about flowers and cute characters caught her attention!

Kickstarter is down to the wire! $46K left to go before Saturday. Pledge and support a family funded program:  
Thank you!

If you can't afford to donate at this time, please Tweet this: Please RT:Kids are smarter these days & need smarter TV. Pledge to the kickstater to finish the series

OR Tweet This: If you love @SigningTime, you'll love @TreeSchoolers! Back this Kickstarter today!   (pls retweet)

Thank you for reading this! Here are link to the first three episodes! Ep. 1: A Rainy Day Ep. 2: Plants & Flowers Ep. 3: Incredible Insects Ep 4: (preview) My Amazing Body! One of them is posted above!


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