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Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer At Home And On The Go With Squiggle Pads And Games RandomLine Inc.! #ProductReview #OnTheGo #TravelGames

Around this time of year, we have Father's Day, and then two weeks later, it's my husband's birthday, then on July 2nd, it's Hailey's 2nd birthday, and on July 20th, Chloe will be 5 years old! For those of you who have watched my children grow up, this is a crazy summer for us with Father's day and 3 birthdays! But it's fun at the same time!

We go out to eat for each event, we spend time together doing things as a family. For Father's Day, we went out to eat the Saturday before to a restaurant in downtown Nashville that my husband said had great hamburgers! I am not a huge hamburger person, but it was his choice as to where we were going for lunch. I grabbed the Squiggle Spin and Seek Original on the way out the door thinking that it might be fun to try out, and it was!

My four and a half year old daughter Chloe, my husband, and I spent our time waiting for our meals to come playing it! She enjoyed it so much, that she kept playing it after we got home, and again, the next day! Now when she's looking for something to do, she asks for her Squiggle Spin and Seek pad. My only issue with it was that the little marker wouldn't stay inbetween the cardboard things that pop out to hold the pen. So I put a big paperclip on the end of it, as you can see in the photo above, and the pen stays with the pad perfectly!

Instructions on how to play:
1) Spin the wheel
2) Find the three objects in the area that the arrow points to
3) Color them in with the yellow pen (that comes with it), a pencil, or crayon.
4) Spin the wheel and start all over again!

Doodling was once thought of as a mindless activity, but studies are now showing the opposite results. Not only is it linked to helping one remember, it can also inspire creativity. Everyone loves to doodle, and the line of SQUIGGLE activity pads and games is a simple vehicle to make that happen. The Chief Squiggler at RandomLine Inc. believes doodling fuels creativity, helping to unlock the creative genius inside. The SQUIGGLE line of award winning games and activity pads now includes over 30 doodle pads and Spin and Seek hidden-object pads that offer something for all ages and interests.

SQUIGGLE® doodle pads are based on a simple concept of turning a squiggly line into a picture. Everyone can do it.

The benchmark product, SQUIGGLE® On-The-Go for ages 5 and up encourages creativity by creating the starting point for a child to begin. It gives them a place to begin instead of staring at a blank piece of paper, which can be intimidating at times. SQUIGGLE® On-The-Go has won multiple awards, is parent approved and great for on-the-go usage. It's compact, cute and goes anywhere while keeping kids to adults amused for hours! Create works of art with just the start of a squiggly line. $4.99

SQUIGGLE® Spin and Seek™ is a fun hidden-object game that will keep everyone busy for hours! Spin the wheel and find the hidden objects the spinner lands on. Spin the wheel again to select another set of hidden objects or try an entirely new page . . . they are all unique. There are 100 pages with objects hidden within thousands of squiggly lines. A great for travel activity that will never run out of batteries! Select from the Original Spin and Seek, BFF, and Fashion. For ages 4 and up; retails for $5.99.

· SQUIGGLE® Selection Game - Players create a quick drawing that starts with a squiggle. The judge picks a word card from the deck and awards it to the drawing that best describes the word on the card! Ages 7+. $19.99.

· SQUIGGLE® Connect Game - an off-the-wall, hilarious game where players create a wild and wacky picture from a simple or comple squiggle. There's no artistic talent required . . . just the imagination! Ages 8- 108. $19.99.

· Hurry-Up! The Dice Game - is a fast paced dice game where players compete to get the best scores, but they better hurry up because the 30 second clock is ticking and time is running out! Ages 8+. $19.99.

RandomLine also offers a line of award winning games and wipe off drawing pads. 

· SQUIGGLE® Style - Bring out the fashion designer by mixing and matching clothing and accessories to create unique, hip, funny and wild outfits. Style opens up to a dry erase drawing art board and includes 6 coloring dry erase markers. Ages 7+. $14.99.

· SQUIGGLE® Monsters –First create a squiggly line on the dry-erase board, then spin the wheels to select a combination of features to make a monster. The best part is getting to make up “fun facts” about the monster on another dry-erase area. Ages 6+. $14.99.

RandomLine games and creative activity pads are available in the specialty market, educational stores, book stores, gift shops and museums throughout the United States.

You can purchase Squiggle pads and games from RandomLine at Barnes & Noble, Fat Brain Toys,, Toys-R-Us, Wegmans, and more!

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Disclosure: I received one Squiggle Spin and Seek in exchange for my review post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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