Sunday, June 29, 2014

#LikeAGirl Always Campaign

Watch the video please, then read below.

I watched the video above, and realized that when young girls are told that they are acting like a girl, that they feel humiliated, sad, and made fun of.

We need to be careful what we say to little girls, tweens, teens, and young women. As telling them when they are competing, playing sports, etc. that they are acting like a girl, is not ok. They take it to heart, and they internalize it.

We need to support young people in everything they do. We need to keep things positive and use positive words and tones when speaking to them. Even when we are talking with little boys and young men, we need to not tell them that they are acting like a girl, or a baby, which I have heard some parents telling their children. Telling a child that they are acting like a baby is not ok, ever! (I actually had my son's teacher year before last tell him once that he was acting like a baby. I talked with him about it, and then taught him that if someone says that to him again, how to react and answer them with that it hurt his feelings when they said that to him, and to ask them not to call him a baby again.

Please hug your children, tell them that you love them. Let them be children. Let them be tweens. Let them be teens. Let them be young. But most of all, don't be little them and try to hurt their feelings with your words. Words hurt!

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  1. Love this! Shared it with my daughters-beautiful!


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