Monday, August 25, 2014

Help Other Moms #MOPS

Some of us moms are tough as nails! We are strong, and a majority of the time we can go with the flow, and we take what's given to us, and move on to the next thing. We take all of our kids shopping with us, on play dates, to the park, to lunch with our friends, dinner, and more! We don't go anywhere hardly without one or more of our children with us. This turns a one hour grocery shopping trip, into a two to three hour ordeal.

Our husbands have no idea what this is like, and they won't, unless we give them the grocery list, and ask them to go buy the groceries, and to take all of the kids with them. Make sure the kids are sleepy and hungry when you do this, as most of the time, our kids, give us moms, a HARD time, all day, everyday, most days! But when the kids aren't hungry or tired, and daddy takes them some place, they are perfect angels, from what I've heard! So now, when they go with him, I make sure it's snack time and that I have worn them out before I send them some place with him! Not always, but every so often, because he needs to know what I go through when I have all three of our children with me.

I love my MOPS moms group! I get to go sit for two and a half hours with my almost two year old daughter in the hands of other loving mothers who babysit for us to make a little extra money on the side, and because some of them just love children, and holding our little ones. But I get to enjoy some mommy time, adult conversation, but above all, some ME time! It's time where I get to be myself, and try to have conversation with other moms about something other than my children. Which yes, we sometimes do only talk about our children. But we also talk about ourselves too! We have moms nights out where we meet up at a local restaurant or for coffee, and we sit for two to three hours and talk about everything and anything under the sun. But most of all, we laugh, and we share, and we get to be ourselves!

But, there are also some moms who aren't as tough. There are some mothers who need us. I am a tough person. I roll with the punches, so to speak. Not much gets to me. I have been through a lot, seen a lot, and heard about a lot of things. I don't guard my mind as much as I should. As I've had dreams about things that I've never experienced in real life. Sometimes it feels as though I was really there even though I wasn't.

I am there for my mom friends when I can be. I watch their kids so they can have some me time. I spend time with them when they need a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on, or if they just need some adult time. Which of course, I need to. Talking to my husband just isn't the same as talking to another mom. He gets some things, but not all things like another mother does.

Us moms need to support one another in all that we do. We need to stop judging the mother who acts like she's in high school and tattles on another mother who flips her off in the parking lot because the other mom blocked her truck in from leaving when she went to pick her daughter up from school. I wonder what is going on in this other mother's world that she feels the need to act this way, and to cause problems with her neighbors, and she won't let anyone else into her world. I feel sad for her, I really do!

We need to not judge one another for the clothes or shoes that we wear. Or for our outdated hairdos. I could honestly care less most of the time about the way that my hair looks. I just want it off of my face and out of my eyes. I would honestly love to cut it all off! Maybe an old curly granny haircut is in my future? I am 39, so maybe I can get away with it when I am 50! Anything to not have to pull it back off of my face would be awesome! Now I know why older women do this to their hair! Cause it's EASY!

I want you to ask your friends what you can do for them tomorrow. Ask them if you can watch their children so that they can go grab some coffee for themselves and read a book for two hours, without hearing Mommy every two seconds! Or invite them out for a mom's night out! Go somewhere nice, go out to dinner, for coffee, heck, go bowling! It's summer here in Tennessee, and some of my mom friends are already starting to crack. They need your help. They need our help! So get going! Then come back here to my blog, and let me know what you did for another mom!


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