Monday, August 11, 2014

VeggieTales Press Event! #VeggieTalesDay

Last week on Monday night and Tuesday morning, and into the afternoon, I had the great honor of attending a VeggieTales press event for bloggers! I checked into a hotel for the night and took a shuttle with other bloggers to a nearby location for dinner and drinks. The food and dessert was catered. I felt so nervous, but yet, it was nice getting to meet others who do what I do. The dinner was more like a meet and greet event where we got to meet some of the DreamWorks staff, and also one of the PR people that I e-mail from time to time about reviewing the latest VeggieTales movies.

On Tuesday morning, we met up at a a local studio in downtown Nashville for breakfast and a Q and A with Mike Nawrocki, one of the creators of VeggieTales and the voice of Larry the Cucumber! I even got to have lunch with him and the others at my table got a chance to ask him even more questions! He is a really nice guy!

I am holding Larry on the right. He's the green one. The red tomato is Bob! I got to take them home and gave them to my children! They actually fought over Bob!

Then we separated into groups to learn how to draw some of the characters from VeggieTales, learn how voice overs in the VeggieTales movies are done, and we learned about VeggieTales plans with their characters are for the future.

VeggieTales has a new movie coming out on October 14th called "Beauty and the Beet!" We had a chance to hear from Kellie Pickler, the voice of the main character in Beauty and the Beet, Mirabell. Kellie will even be singing eight of the songs in the movie, and VeggieTales will also have a separate CD of the music from this movie available for purchase!

These photos are from the Q and A with Kellie Pickler. She's so sweet and so down to earth. She's currently working on her fifth album, and she's recorded many of the songs already, at this studio in Nashville!

Here's the group photo! I am on the left. Next to me is Jamie from Blonde Mom Blog, sitting down in front on the right, is Linsey from Lille Punkin, next to her in the purple is Ruby from Growing up Blackxican. They were all so nice and sweet. I don't remember the others that I met. But if it's you, please leave a comment and link to your site, and I will add it above!

This is me trying to do a voice over for one of the characters in the new Beauty and the Beet movie. I did ok. You can view the clip below of my voice. How did I do?

VeggieTales will be making 11 minute shorts for those on Netflix. They will be called "VeggieTales In the House." These cartoons will include some new characters, including the first ever animated piece of meat in a VeggieTales cartoon! These shorts should be coming out around Thanksgiving this year! How do you like the way that the characters will be drawn? I really like it. I like how much more soft they all look!

Above is some of the goodies that we had for dessert after lunch! The cupcakes and cookies were really sweet, but oh so good!


  1. HOW FUN! Your voice over was great. I have no idea which one you were doing, but all 3 sounded fantastic!

  2. I love this I think you did a great job at the voice over! I cannot wait for the new Veggietales!!! <3 God bless!


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