Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday 1/13, Low Entry Giveaways! #giveaway

The Identical DVD - U.S. - Bookroom Reviews *RC

The Book of Life DVD - U.S. - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

A Love Letter From God - children's book - U.S. - Daily Life *RC

Personalized Valentine's print - U.S. - The Road to Domestication *RC

"A Love Letter from God" by P.K. Hallinan - children's book - US/CAN - Nolan Family Adventures *RC

Giveaways With Over 180 Entries, but under 500:

Danklo Box - U.S. - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

Rust Proof Shower Curtain Rings - U.S. - Daddy Waddy Weeviews *RC

$50 Mialisia Jewelry Item - Utah Valley Moms *RC


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