Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday 6/4, Low Entry Giveaways! #win #giveaway #contests

My Favorite Indulgence Granola (@5pm CST) - A World of Reviews, Giveaways and More *GT

GUM Oral Care Kit (@10:59pm CST) - U.S. - Makobi Scribe *GT

H2OGO Water Slide - All 50 U.S. States - Thirty Something Super Mom

Dawn Crandall’s "The Captive Imposter" - book - U.S. - Coffee Cups & Camisoles *RC

Hands-on-Prints Book - U.S. - Mama on a Green Mission *GL

Giveaways With Over 180 Entries, but under 500:

Shorty Swaddles Car Seat Swaddling blanket (@4pm CST) - Main 48 U.S. States - Prairie Wife in Heels *RC

Two coupons for Free Renuzits Pearl Scents - U.S. - With Love *RC

Captain No Beard - A Flag for the Flying Dragon - children's book - Main 48 U.S. States - Chat with Vera *RC

New Michael W. Smith CD “Sovereign” including the new hit “Sky Spills Over” - U.S. - Chat with Vera *RC

Digital copy of "Serpentine" by Cindy Pon - Worldwide - Susan Heim on Writing *RC

Michael W. Smith CD "Sovereign" - US/CAN - Learn to be a Mom *GT

Hillsong United's EMPIRES Album - U.S. - So Simply Stephanie *GT

Empires CD Hillsong United - US/CAN - Christy's Cozy Corners *RC


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