Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday 7/8, Low Entry Giveaways! #giveaway

Old Fashioned - DVD, Book and Devotional (@10:59pm CST) - US/CAN - My Simple Walk *GT

$25 Family Christian Gift Certificate - All 50 U.S. States - Life is Sweeter *PS

Old Fashioned and The Old Fashioned Way, PLUS a copy of the Old Fashioned DVD - U.S. - Kristie's Notes

Sock Puppet Charades - U.S. Heck of a Bunch *RC

Color Luther’s Rose Necklace from Olin Fern on Ad Crucem - U.S. - Sisters of Katie Luther *RC

Giveaways Over 200 Entries:

Yanu Vegetizer ($49.99 value) (@10:59pm CST) - U.S. - The Consumer Influence *GT

Ninja Hoodie Scarf - U.S. - Where Geeks and Snail Mail Collide *RC

Two randomly selected, Inside Out Talking Plushes - U.S. - Stuff Parents Need *GL

Two coupons for Free Lightlife vegetarian products - All 50 U.S. States - Hidden Fruits and Veggies *RC

Necklace from Lemon Drop Boutique - U.S. - La Petite Fashionista *RC


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