Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Halloween Happening #Review! #Halloween #HolidayGiftGuide #HolidayTraditions

For those who enjoy a little Halloween mystery, author Priscilla York has announced the debut of The Halloween Happening.

The book is a way to trick the kids without the treat, offering a plush pumpkin character that comes to life to deliver a special message that will be decoded on Halloween. Each pumpkin comes to life after it has been given a name by a child and then delivers a personal message to the child. The child must behave to receive the message, which the book explains.

Messages can consist of simple phrases such as, “How are you?”, or they can be more in depth like, “Trick or treat, smell my feet!” Each book and pumpkin comes with its own set of 26 numbered cards (1-26) and a decoder chart. The pumpkin is found each morning holding a number and children write down the numbers sent by the pumpkin in order.

On Halloween, the pumpkin delivers the decoder chart and the child can decode his special message. How often the pumpkin appears before Halloween depends on the length of his special message. If the pumpkin’s message is eight characters long, he will appear with a card eight days before Halloween, or if the message is twenty characters, he will appear twenty days before Halloween.

The Halloween Happening will be available at Home Sense and Winners stores in Canada in Fall 2015, and US customers can find it now at

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There is also "The Funny Easter Bunny" and The Deployment Bear" both available for purchase!

About the Creator
My name is Priscilla York. I am the owner, creator, and author of The Funny Easter Bunny and The Halloween Happening. I am a stay-at-home mother and a wife of an active duty marine. I take pride in being a mother and wife, and holiday traditions are moments I cherish with my family. I hope to bring new holiday traditions to you and your family, too.

Before becoming a mom, I would daydream about the traditions I would do with my children one day. It was always centered around being together as a family and creating excitement, anticipation, and fun before the holidays. Now that I have my little sweetheart, I can start to enjoy those traditions with him. But, we do have to be honest with each other, and I think any parent would agree, our little sweethearts are not always so sweet. That is why I created my books to help with good behavior while also creating new holiday traditions.

Her Inspiration
With my husband being an active duty marine, he’s not around all the time. There are going to be birthdays or holidays missed, which is one of the reasons I came up with these traditions to hopefully, if he’s away, keep that excitement during a holiday. My son is personally very partial to his daddy, so creative traditions like The Funny Easter Bunny and The Halloween Happening shall take his mind off of missing his daddy.

My Review:
My girls love the idea of the Halloween Happening! I don't think that we are going to use the cards though yet with the message. As my girls are only three and six, and we have company coming next week, so starting October first, it will be too hard for us (me) to keep track of a message with the cards. But they love their elves, and they are going to love this little guy or girl too! They haven't decided on a name yet, which I won't push it until closer to Sept. 30th. The book is really cute and tells a story about The Halloween Happening and how he/she doesn't like it when kids do bad things, and that it scares her. So if children scare her because of their naughty behavior, she might not come back.

If you enjoy your other holiday plush traditions, you should also purchase The Halloween Happening book and plush toy too! Maybe the elves and him/her can get into some mischief together in December!

Disclosure: I receiving a copy of The Halloween Happening book and plush in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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