Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guess Who Children's Books by Howard Eisenberg! #GuessWho

IPads, Tablets, and of course mom’s smartphone! Technology right at your child’s fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Howard Eisenberg, a children’s book author based in New York City, has taken the both authenticity of a physical book and has added the hybrid experience of technology to create an interactive book and CD series called “Guess Who.”

Howard’s book are vibrant in color will capture the attention of the young readers and listeners from beginning to end with an array of vocabulary compositions to learn from.

The author’s series consists of three books, “Guess Who Zoo,” “Guess Who Farm” and “Guess Who Neighborhood,” which are all $14.95 each.

Why do kids (parents, too) love Guess Who Books?

  • Animals tell their stories... kids guess their names.
  • Special sections: "If Animals Could Talk.."
  • They're "fun that educates" with a clue in every line.

I sun myself upon the rocks
I wear no shoes. I need no socks.
The only school I ever see
Is a school of fish. That's lunch for me.
My furry skin's so warm, it's said
That I can make icebergs my bed
The circus puts me in its shows
To spin beach balls upon my nose.
Grownups applaud and children cheer
When I do back flips on my ear
For me though it is no big deal
It's really easy for a __________.

Follow Guess Who on Twitter @GuessWhoZoo.

You can purchase Guess Who Children's books online at! Use code GWZ when you check out, to receive 20% off single books and CD's. Use code GWZPLUS to receive 30% off when you purchase the Guess Who Bundle!

Disclosure: I received some Guess Who children's books in exchange for my post. My older children weren't too into them, and my three year old is too young to sit still to listen to them. I feel that they would be best suited for children who can sit still and listen to books, or for children around ages four to five years of age. But all children are different.


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