Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Disney-Pixar's "The Good Dinosaur" - My Review! #TheGoodDino

I thought that the movie was good. But it would get good, then a storm would happen and something bad would happen, again and again. So there was about 4 or more storms. The movie became predictable with the storms.

But the dinosaur's character grew and learned not to be afraid, and he grew bigger while he was on his adventure and met some new friends along the way. There was a scene with a Rino where the Rino and Dinosaur, Arlo, were naming the boy (Spot), and the Rino was throwing out names and one of the names was "Murderer." I wasn't too happy about that at all. The Rino threw out another name too that I wasn't keen on at all. I feel that they didn't need to be in the movie. But if your kids are like mine, they won't remember it.

There was also one phrase that was spoken by these pterodactyls (flying dinosaurs) that I didn't feel needed to be said. But overall, then movie was good. Some of the 3D effects were neat with fireflies and birds. But seeing in in 3D or normally would be fine. My 8 year old son said it was awesome. He doesn't remember what I did. He just remembers the good parts. He said the ending made him cry, which I won't give that part away! The ending isn't sad, no worries.

The Good Dinosaur comes out tomorrow, Wednesday 11/25 in theaters everywhere!


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