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#SwaddleDesigns Muslin Swaddle Blankets #Review & #Giveaway! (US/CAN) Ends 2/29 #Swaddling #sponsored

SwaddleDesigns products are known for their great quality and long lasting value that moms and babies love and enjoy for years.

SwaddleDesigns is also well respected by the medical community – often recommended by pediatricians, nurses, doulas, newborn care instructors.

SwaddleDesigns was founded by Lynette Damir, RN, Designer and Mom of two. SwaddleDesigns is known for their premium quality fabric, fabulous colors and prints, and their innovative 123 Swaddle® pictorial instructional label sewn to the edge of their Swaddling blankets that makes learning how to swaddle so easy.

SwaddleDesigns is Eco-Friendly
In addition to manufacturing locally and offering a certified organic collection, SwaddleDesigns uses many domestic fabrics, sustainable fibers, recycled fibers, and recyclable packaging.

SwaddleDesigns Manufactures in the USA
The vast majority of our products are sewn in Seattle, Washington. We procure components directly from leading suppliers to ensure the quality of our products. SwaddleDesigns consistently delivers high quality, and we enjoy many benefits because of our Made in USA strategy. SwaddleDesigns is proud to be creating American jobs and exporting our products to Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

You can help new parents learn how to swaddle by providing this link.

Learn How to Swaddle a baby by watching the video below!

What is Swaddling?
Swaddling is an age old art of snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth, comfort and feeling secure.

Why is Supine Swaddling Important?
- Reduces Risk of SIDS
- There is evidence that swaddled back sleeping infants have lower incidence of SIDS than unswaddled back sleeping infants as stated in the Journal of Pediatrics, December 2002
- When baby sleeps better on his back, parents are less likely to use the unsafe tummy position for sleep
- Swaddling helps sleeping infants remain on their backs

Swaddled Babies Sleep Better® 
- A Washington University study proved that infants sleep better when swaddled
- Swaddled babies have fewer awakenings and twice as much REM sleep
- REM sleep is believed to be important for brain development
- When babies sleep better and longer, parents get more sleep, too

Reduces Colic and Fussiness 
- Snug swaddling soothes babies by reminding them of being in the womb
- Swaddling helps prevent over stimulation
- Swaddling helps to contain baby's own jerky movements that can startle him or her awake
- Baby is able to self-comfort by sucking on fingers or hand if swaddled with hands near face – the normal infant has been observed post delivery to bring hands to face within 30 minutes
- Infants are inefficient at regulating their own temperature. Swaddling helps to keep infants comfortably warm when parents choose the appropriate swaddle blanket. SwaddleDesigns® offers cotton flannel Ultimate Swaddle Blankets for cooler to moderate environments and cotton open weave Marquisette Swaddling Blankets for warmer climates.

Can Help Make Breastfeeding Easier 
- Baby’s extra movements are nicely contained when swaddled which can help baby focus and latch-on.
- Tuck baby’s hands into the swaddle to keep baby’s hands from impairing latch-on. Once baby has successfully latched on and is feeding well, the swaddle may be removed, so baby and mom can be tummy to tummy, skin to skin.

SwaddleDesigns soft muslin swaddles are made from high quality cotton and get softer with every wash. They feature prints and patterns sure to delight. Single muslins make it fun to choose your favorite prints and make gift giving easy because the singles come in a lovely gift box.

When your baby gets too big to swaddle, you can buy him or her some zzZipMe Sacks from SwaddleDesigns! Use code FBFan09 to receive 15% off of SwaddleDesigns zzZipMe Sacks!

You can learn more about SwaddleDesigns and purchase their blankets and other baby products at Free Shipping on All orders of $50.00 or more! Save 10% on regular price items with promo code Celebrate.

Connect with SwaddleDesigns on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pintrest. Sign up for SwaddleDesigns newsletter to keep up with their newest products and sales! (Scroll down on their main page and look for SwaddleDesigns social media links, below it is a place to sign up for their newsletter.)

My Review:
I really love SwaddleDesigns Muslin Swaddle Blankets! I have hosted a few reviews and giveaways for their blankets on my site. I love the quality, softness and cute designs. Seems like the more I was them, the softer they get. I loved when my girls were babies, that I could look on the blanket's label or on the SwaddleDesigns website to learn how to swaddle my babies. It only took me a few tries and I had it down pat!

SwaddleDesigns Muslin blankets are great for swaddling babies, carseat blankets to cover your babies in the spring, summer and fall months, they make great nursing covers, light weight blankets for older babies and toddlers in the summer months, stroller blankets, baby doll blankets, baby doll slings for baby dolls, picnic blankets for my girls inside our home, and more! They seem to find new uses for all sorts of things in our home. Blankets also help to make forts inside our home when we can't play outdoors, which is often here in Tennessee. SwaddleDesigns Muslin blankets are so versatile that you will find more and more ways to use them while your babies are small, and as they grow up too! I can't seem to give mine away.

Win It!

Enter below for a chance to Win Two of Your favorite Muslin Singles from SwaddleDesigns (if no preference, SwaddleDesigns will ship gender neutral prints) (ARV $30.00)! Giveaway is open to residents in all 50 U.S. States and Canada, 18 years of age or older, no P.O. Boxes. Giveaway ends 2/29/16.

Disclosure: I received two muslin singles in exchange for my review and giveaway post. No other compensation was received or exchanged. SwaddleDesigns is responsible for mailing out prizes.


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