Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Bunny With the Basket! #Review! #Easter #EasterTraditions


Everything you need to start A New Easter Tradition.

You knew that Santa had helpers, now you know that the Easter Bunny does too!  These special helpers are each called the Bunny with the Basket.  Your Bunny with the Basket will arrive before Easter with a golden egg. Each of the 12 nights leading up to Easter, the Bunny with the Basket will hop back to Easter Village with a note from your child in the golden egg, and the Easter Bunny will write back!

Jennifer Diehl, Lisa Rettino and Shauna Murray want to introduce you to the IPPY and Moonbeam award winning story The Bunny with the Basket and the Golden Egg. (Matt Lauer, Carson Daly and Alicia Keys already have their own Bunny with the Basket kits, and these are just a few of the bunny's friends!) The book and plush toy bunny has received rave reviews (4 - 5 stars and 2 thumbs up) from bloggers and media and has sold at 25+ stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada. In addition, Cracker Barrel and Lord & Taylor intend to carry our kits for Easter 2017. Visit our website ( to learn more.

The beautifully illustrated story is designed for ages 3+ and marries the age-old tradition of the Easter Bunny with the lost art of letter writing.  It involves visits from the Bunny with the Basket, writing notes back and forth to the Easter Bunny, and going on a golden egg hunt.

Giving Back:
On March 7th, The “momtrepreneurs”, (otherwise known as Just Three Chicks, LLC), had the privilege of spreading some Easter cheer to the children of K. Hovnanian Childrens Hospital (Neptune, NJ) and the Pediatric Unit Monmouth Medical Center (Long Branch, NJ). This involved readings and visits with the Easter Bunny. Warren Diamond, philanthropist, donated Bunny with the Baskets to the children undergoing treatment at these hospitals, because all children should have their very own Bunny Helper.

My Review:
Most children are counting down the days until Easter! Mine got a HUGE surprise yesterday when their Bunny with the Basket arrived and left them some chocolate eggs covered in colored foil! They were over the moon excited! We started out Bunny with the Basket a little bit late this year. As we've been so swamped with Daisy Scout and Cubscout events, along with other things, that I haven't had a chance to to have some Easter fun until now. I am even behind on my Easter Basket shopping. This year, we get to create Easter for a 7 year old boy, and I plan to do it all up! Including a nice Easter Dinner, if possible. I am thinking of making something in the crockpot!

I love our elves, and now I love our Bunny with the Basket. My children love having these little visitors return every year with new tricks and treats, and sometimes, the occasional present! I love that my children can write letters to the Easter Bunny, and then the Easter Bunny responds back! We can also name our Bunny With The Basket! We have named ours Hops! Then everyday my children get to hunt throughout our home for the Golden Egg with a note or treat for them from the Easter Bunny!

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Buy It!
Go to to purchase your own Bunny with the Basket Boxed Set! Use Code GREEN2016 at check out, and receive $10 off your purchase! The code will make your Bunny with the Basket only $19.95! HURRY!

Disclosure: We received one The Bunny With the Basket in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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