Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Fingerprint Princesses and Fairies" and "Fingerprint Monsters and Dragons" Book #Reviews!

Children will be spending some time indoors this summer, even though we'd rather them be outside playing with their friends, investigating nature or playing in water, they have to be supervised a majority of the time. We live outside of Nashville, in Tennessee. The summers can be super hot, humid and rainy! It's somewhat like living in Seattle, Washington some years. No joke! So the kids end up inside the house coloring, making forts, playing games, making cards for people and now, we are spending time making cards for people and decorating those cards with Fingerprint Art!

Create engaging art activities with children - at home or in the classroom. Packed with fun step-by-step instructions, this book teaches you how to make 30 classic fictional foes including trolls, pirates, warlocks, and skeletons with only the tips of your fingers. Enjoy your own fantasy world, no paintbrush required! Kids aren't the only ones who will love it, artists of all ages can put their finger on the fun of art.

Once I knew that we were receiving a copy of "Fingerprint Monsters and Dragons: And 100 Other Adventurous Creatures," I also purchased some finger stamp sets to use to press our fingers into to make Fingerprint Monsters, Dragons and more! We have had so much fun with this book and with the "Fingerprint Princesses and Fairies: And 100 Other Magical Creatures" book, that we show them to everyone who comes over and we show them photos of our most recent creations! (The finger printing art set pops up when I searched finger paint online. So I just had to get one! It has colored pencils, small stamps and stamp pads.)

We have created many cute and adorable little fairies, creatures, insects and more! My girls are almost seven and four years old. They have created birthday cards and thank you cards for their friends and our family and they've been decorating them with fingerprint creatures, fairies, princesses, dragons, etc. These are so simple that I would say most children ages four to five and up can do these!

Check out the pages below. All you do is to follow the step by step directions on the pages, then decide which color of finger paint or stamp that your going to use, and how to position your fingerprint on your paper or card, Then, add eyes, happy face, lines, polka dots, hands, feet or whichever the photos tell you to do next!

Disclosure: I received a copy of both the "Fingerprint Princesses and Fairies" and "Fingerprint Monsters and Dragons" books in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

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  1. This looks like something both the girls would maybe like to do. Looka very creative and fun!


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