Thursday, July 7, 2016

LEGO® Friends: Always Together DVD #Review! #Lego #LegoFriends #ad

Disclosure: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

The episodes of LEGO® Friends: Always Together, follow best friends Andrea, Stephanie, Olivia, Emma and Mia throughout a diverse array of expeditions in their hometown. From entering a talent contest, to going camping – and even assisting in running a hotel – the girls combine their eclectic skill sets and unique interests to seize the day. In each adventure, they are faced with adversity but quickly learn that anything is possible when you work together!

Five best friends are reunited as they embark in all sorts of adventures across Heartlake City in LEGO Friends: Always Together, a continuation of the popular TV specials currently airing on the Disney Channel.

From the back cover:
A talent show has come to Heartlake City, and all the girls enter the competition hoping to impress the judges, especially their idol, pop star Chloe, in Andrea's Big Moment. No one is more excited than Olivia about science camp at a beautiful, rocky offshore island with a lighthouse. But Olivia quickly gets of on the wrong foot with a mysterious girl named Kate who seems obsessed with a medallion necklace and the island's rumored history of pirates and treasure in Kate's Island. The girls have come for breakfast at the fanciest hotel in town, now owned by Andrea's family. When Andrea's aunt has to leave town, the girls volunteer to run the hotel for the weekend with the help of a quirky Grandma Jean in The Grand Hotel.

Each character in the LEGO Friends: Always Together story has unique personality traits and hobbies to appeal to children of all interests and passions. Through positive messages of teamwork, perseverance and acceptance, viewers will learn some of life’s most important lessons, all while following the five girls through three exciting episodes!

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My Review:
I like watching the LEGO Friends animated shows. They are almost always about friendship, being nice to others, being a good friend, helping others and more. It's also neat to see some of the Legos used in the animated shows are actually Lego sets that we can purchase for my girls to play with too! If you have girls ages three and up, they will like watching the Lego Friends shows on DVD or on The Disney Channel.

In The Grand Hotel episode, everyone tries to help out in the hotel that one of the girl's grandmother's owns because a local critic is coming. One of the Lego Friends watches the dogs, Emma watches children (daycare at the hotel), Mia helps cook in the kitchen, etc. Running the daycare becomes more than Emma can handle when she loses the children! Then the fun begins!

We have been picking a new DVD to watch every day to two, as it's been super warm here outside in Tennessee and raining! You would swear that we live in Seattle, WA, but nope! We get a lot of rain in the summer in Tennessee. I am finally getting used to the heat outside here and being outside with my kiddos, and BAM! Rain, and lot of it!

So when it's hot outside, super cold or raining cats and dogs, put in a copy of LEGO Friends: Always Together on DVD and enjoy either one 20 minute show, or the whole 120 minute DVD!


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