Friday, March 17, 2017

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" Movie Review! #BeautyandtheBeast #BeOurGuest #Belle #EmmaWatson

Please go see Beauty and the Beast, for yourself, and take your family. Then come back to this post and share with me and my followers your thoughts about the movie. I don't feel that any gay scenes were presented or thrown in my children's face, at all. My two children who went with me to attend the movie are 4 1/2 and 9 years old, the oldest is a boy, my youngest is a girl.

My 9 year old son thought it was funny at the end of the movie that a guy was dancing with a guy. It was literally a two second clip on film. We shield our two girls and our nine year old son from things that we don't want them to see. To our son, a boy dancing with a boy is normal. He attends public school dances and he dances with his friends who are boys, and his girls who are his friends. To my son, there's no difference dancing with his friends who are boys or girls. He's not going to notice right now that it's something he should think about.

And then come the Why's! Why make my son ask me why it's wrong for him to dance with his friend who is a boy? I don't want to have that conversation with him yet. He doesn't need to know. There was no men kissing one another in the movie at all. Gaston's friend, LeFou, did wrap Gaston's arms around him as if to have Gaston hug him from behind, then his LeFou said "Too much?" Gaston said yes, and then they let go of each other's hands. But nothing on screen in this movie was presented in a way that children would understand it, at all.

Scary Warning for little ones:
I will warn you to cover the eyes of any little ones who don't like scary movies. When the wolves appear, they care very realistic. I thought it was done well. But for my four and a half year old daughter, they were super Scary and Loud! So she closed her eyes, hid under her coat, and covered her ears. They appear two or three times during the movie. The same spots as in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast. So maybe watch the animated version first so you know when to expect them. Other than that, there wasn't anything scary in the movie.

Take your sons and daughters to see this movie. You and your children will fall in love with Beauty and the Beast all over again. Emma Watson is an amazing actress! Who knew she could sing too!

Disclosure: I received some press passes to see Beauty and the Beast with two of my children. The above opinions are mine, and mine alone. I wanted to tell you the truth about the movie and about how I felt seeing it. As there's been too many rumors about certain scenes in this movie, and I wanted to assure you that the scenes aren't as big of a deal and some people are making them out to be.


  1. I agree, the dancing at the end was a 2-second clip. People are being ridiculous and also, this is 2017.

    I really liked the movie! I want to rewatch the animated one at some point too, it's been a while.

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