Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Being a Mom and Wife is HARD!

I am the kind of mom that makes sure my kids backpacks are packed for the next day. I also pull their light weight jackets out of their backpacks and either hang them on their chairs or lay them on their backpacks to wear to school in the mornings.

Well, I went ONE day without doing this! It was awful!

First, my seven year old couldn't find her jacket, because it was in her backpack and I didn't take it out for her. Then she YELLED and screamed at me for not taking it out of her backpack for her. But yet, I took her brother's jacket out for him! Which I didn't. My son hung his on his chair, then we went out last night and he wore his because it was raining and he doesn't have a rain jacket. So when we got home I put his jacket on his chair to dry because it was a little wet.

So when I was making sure that lunches and stuff were packed, before we left the house at 5:30p.m., I had them already done. So I didn't take her jacket out of her backpack, which is when I would have done it. So yes, I forgot.

But, back to her yelling at me! She then says that I only do things for her brother and not for her and that I make her do more than I make him do. Which isn't true. They do the same things, only Matthew hangs his jacket normally on his chair or puts it on the table. Very rarely is it in his backpack because he wears it out of the school when I pick him up.

So then, my husband chimes in, while my seven year old is still putting her jacket on. He says "She's right ya know!" And of course I told him that she isn't right, and that I've been making all three of our children do the same things. I make them pack their backpacks with their homework inside. I make them put their shoes away, pick up their dirty clothes, pick up their dirty dishes and trash and put it where it belongs. I also make them clean their rooms, which my seven year old and four year old girls RARELY do. But my nine year old son keeps his room picked up and clean. And if his room isn't clean, he will clean it up when I ask him to.

If I ask my son to do his homework, he sits down and does it. He doesn't not do it. Before we left to go somewhere, my seven year old daughter was supposed to read a small thing that her teacher calls a "reader." It takes five to ten minutes to read. She was supposed to do it BEFORE we left our house. She didn't! So she had to do it before bed last night, which by then, it was almost eight o'clock.

She isn't as responsible as my husband thinks she is. Of course she has my husband wrapped around her little finger! But of course, our nine year old son and four year old daughter do nothing around the house. Everything they do isn't good enough for him. They are always causing trouble. If our girls fight, to him, it's must be the four year old's fault. But yet, I have watched them play together. If my seven year old doesn't get her way, then she hauls off and HITS her four year old sister! How is this ok? But because the four year old is crying and saying that her sister hit her, and has a bright red spot on her skin where it happened, she is at fault! Then when I ask my four year old what happened, my seven year old will come running downstairs screaming that it was an accident! Yeah, right!

Life is HARD! Being a mom to one or ten children, is HARD! Then trying to be a wife to a husband who uses any excuse or reason to take a jab at you in front of your children, is HARDER.


  1. Uh! Sorry everyone was ganging up on you. It's so frustrating when people don't recognize all that you DO for them - but if you STOP doing it, they freak out! Hope you got some pity candy or wine or whatever your escape is, and that today is a better day!

  2. I completely get where u are coming from and it truely sucks. Definitely need a girls night out or just a you night/day period!


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