Friday, August 25, 2017

Make Back to School Mornings Easier With Go Organically Fruit Snacks! #Giveaway (U.S.) Ends 9/6 #BackToSchool #Sweepstakes

I am always looking for ways to make my mornings with my children EASIER! Right now, I am getting them up at 5:45a.m. and they are each going to bed around 7:00p.m. (for my 5 year old), 7:30p.m. (for my 8 year old) and 8:00-8:30p.m. (for my 9 1/2 year old). I'm trying to get us all on the elementary school schedule, which I dislike. I like not having any schedule at all. But with children around, that's not an option.

Here are some tips that have helped me to make school mornings easier:

1) Pick out your children's clothing for the whole week on Sunday afternoon or evening! Let your children pick out their outfits if you'd like! Five shirts, five shorts or pants, five pairs of underwear and five pairs of socks! Either place the outfits side by side in a drawer and let your child choose one outfit from the drawer each day, or place them in a laundry basket in your bedroom or theirs in a stack, Monday through Friday.

2) Make sure all backpacks are packed and ready to go before the next school day. Make sure reusable water bottles are filled, snacks, pencils and homework are back in their backpacks. Or if your children are old enough, have them pack their own backpacks! They should be able to pack their homework, pencils, and books into their own backpacks by second grade! This will also help to teach your children to be responsible for their own things.

3) Pack lunches the night before. If your making a lunch with nothing cold inside the lunch bag, put their lunch box/bag inside their backpack or have them do it and have them help you make their lunches. This will save a lot of time in the morning!

I am now packing three school lunches every night, then making their sandwiches fresh each morning. I try to keep them as healthy as possibly with apple slices, pretzels, maybe two small cookies as a treat, wheat bread, peanut butter and jam, along with some yogurt or string cheese, and Go Organically Fruit Snacks! If my children don't eat everything at school, then they finish it off when they get home.

4) Have your child or children pick out which shoes they are going to wear the next day and have them sitting by or on their favorite chair in your dining room or shoe organizer/bench. This way, their shoes are already out and ready to go!

5) Make sure that your things are ready to go too! Your clothing, shoes, bag packed, water bottle filled, coffee pot timer set, coffee cup set on the counter near the coffee pot, pills ready to take in the morning, etc.

6) Have breakfast foods and things set out and ready to go or grab in the morning! Put eggs, etc. in the refrigerator together and the pans out to cook eggs or whatever. Make sure that everything is ready to grab, bowls on the counter along with the cereal box and spoons.

7) Above all, have a morning routine such ours below:
  • (5:20am) You wake up, maybe shower and get dressed
  • (5:40am) Turn on living room light and TV, cartoons or whatever
  • (5:45am) Wake the kids up
  • (5:47am) Pour your coffee, etc.
  • (5:55am-6:15am) Breakfast for everyone
  • (6:15-6:25am) Get Dressed, brush teeth, do hair
  • (6:25am) Put shoes on
  • (6:25am-6:40am) Mellow out for a few minutes before heading out the door! Watch Cartoons or the News!
  • (6:35am) Pour your second cup of coffee before you walk out the door!
  • (6:40am) Time to get in the car and head for school and maybe work too

*This time schedule does allow a few minutes here and there to use your phone or laptop to check email, Facebook, and/or my blog page too!

Every morning routine is different. Find what works for you! School here started August 1st. Practice your routine before school starts or on the weekend so that your children know what's going to happen and what to expect.

It also helps to have a routine after they come home from school too. I find that routines of when we eat, play, watch a movie, take baths, cooking dinner, eating dinner, etc. seems to keep my children and I more relaxed and not so crazy.

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