Monday, November 13, 2017

Museum of the Bible Tour! Review & Children's Book #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 11/26

Children of the World Storybook Bible (hardcover; ages 5 to 8; 256 pgs): A unique storybook Bible that pairs one hundred best-loved Bible stories with artwork from children in over sixty countries around the world.

My review of the "Children of the World Storybook Bible"
I love this book! It explains the story of the bible really simple. I can't wait to read this to my children and share with them the stories in the bible. Every family should own a copy so that they can share the stories in the bible with one another. This book says for children 5 to 8 years old, but I feel it's for birth to 10 years old or more. Anyone who wants to read the bible in easy to read stories, this is for you!

What’s the Bible All About? (board book; ages 2 to 5): This powerful introduction gives young children a “big picture” understanding of the Bible—from what it is, to how it was written, to the stories it tells.

My review of "What's the Bible All About?"
This board book starts out explaining that "The bible is a collection of stories, songs, and poems about God. The bible is also filled with stories of kings and queens, heroes and troublemakers." Which does explain some of what the bible is about! This cute board book tells children what the bible is about and what kinds of stories are inside it.

Wild and Wacky Things in the Bible (paperback; ages 6 to 9; 160 pgs): This book explores the story behind weird and wacky Bible happenings with intriguing facts and bold artwork.

My review of "Wild and Wacky Things in the Bible: Fun and Important Stories to Know!"
Some of the facts in this book are facts that you can find most anywhere, and have nothing to do with the bible, such as "A housefly poops almost every time it lands." There is some crazy things about creation, food, diseases, animals, strange sightings of God and other things in the bible. There's even a 90 year old woman who had a baby, her name was Sarah! Could you imagine being that old and giving birth? No thank you!

That’s So Weird! (paperback; ages 5 to 8; 112 pgs): Geared to emerging readers, this fun and fascinating book of trivia teaches young children about the whose, whats, and whys of the Bible with a colorful, graphic feel.

My review of "That's So Weird!: 100 Fun and Fascinating Facts about the Bible"
The first fact or trivia in this book says "People say money doesn't grow in trees, but did you know money was once found inside a fish? Jesus told Peter to pay his taxes by catching a fish and then pulling a coin out of it's mouth!" (Matthew 17:26-27) Could you imagine catching a fish and finding money inside of it?! How amazing is that!

Once more interesting fact in this book and about the bible is: "There are three men in the bible named Dodo. But the name doesn't refer to the extinct bird - the word dodo in Hebrew means "his beloved" or "uncle." (Judges 10:1; 2 Samuel 23:9; 1 Chronicles 11:26)


Enter below to Win a copy of ONE of the books posted above, of your choice! Giveaway is open to residents in the main 48 continental United States only, 18 years of age or older. No P.O. Boxes, sorry. Giveaway ends on 11/26/17.

Disclosure: I received one copy of all four of the books above in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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