Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shifting Gears - Movie (Now On Demand and in some Theaters) Review!

About the Movie:
Tom (Harris) is a hard-working manager at a big box super store. He started in the stock room, always imagining himself at the helm. Now poised for a big promotion, he gets the news he always feared: “No college degree, no promotion.” In the face of this new reality, and lamenting the time he devoted to work over family, Tom and his wife, Carol (Langton), decide to change course and start a family business. They pack up their kids and move to a small town to take over a run-down garage bequeathed to them by Tom’s estranged father, Clem (Drew Matthews, Paper Towns). They sink their savings into renovating the garage, only to get another unfortunate surprise - the title to the property has been contested and now must be sold at public auction, with arch nemesis Conrad Baines (Ratzenberger) poised to take over the land in the name of “economic development.” In a last-ditch effort to avoid financial ruin, Tom and his teenage son, Jeremy (Adam Hicks, “Zeke and Luther”), join forces with old time racer “Dirty Harry” Hawkins (Gainey) and enter the Dirt Track Grand National.

My Review:
Shifting Gears is a great wholesome family movie. I can't seem to find a rating for it. I would say rated PG just because someone calls the teen in the movie a loser. But it was done in a joking manner. Shifting Gears is a Dove Foundation-approved movie! It's a Great movie about the relationship between fathers and sons.

Tom and his family move to a small town to move into his father's home and take over his father's gas station and car supply and repair shop. But someone else is trying to purchase the property and turn it into a Q-Mart.  The family put their savings into fixing up the house and gas station/repair shop. But it turns out, Tom's father took out a loan against the property and house so now, it will be sold at auction in 60 days if the family can't come up with $119,000. Tom keeps using the excuse that he never went to college, so he can't get a good job. He wanted his son Jeremy to go to college, but he never sent in any applications. Tom and Jeremy practice racing gocarts together to practice racing for a big race that could win Tom and his family the rest of the money to pay for his father's shop and to keep it from being auctioned off.

While practicing when racing real cars, Tom goes high and flips the car. He hurts his back and right arm pretty bad. So Jeremy races in his place. Will Jeremy win the race? Or will their family lose everything? Watch Shifting Gears today! Make sure to watch the credits!

You can see it on Demand and in these theaters:
Atlanta – AMC Mansell Crossing 14
Dallas – AMC Mesquite 30
Denver – Harkins Northfield 18
Houston – Premiere Renaissance 15
Los Angeles – Simi Valley Plaza 10
Greensboro – Red Cinemas Midtown Stadium 15
Orlando – Southchase 7
Philadelphia – Montgomeryville Stadium 12
Phoenix – Harkins Arizona Mills 24
Sacramento – AMC Manteca 16
Tampa – AMC Veterans Expressway 24

Disclosure: I received a private screener to see "Shifting Gears" in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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