Monday, April 2, 2018

The Art Garden - Children's Book, Review & #Giveaway! (2 Winners) (U.S.) Ends 4/17

About the book:
Sadie wants to be a painter, just like her best friend, Tom. She loves playing with color and finding shapes in unlikely places. But whenever Sadie picks up a paintbrush she makes a big mess. She spends her time working in the garden or playing with Tom, but, one day, Sadie gets a look at things from a different perspective--and makes a big discovery about herself and her own creativity.

The Art Garden is a whimsical story about friendship and finding our creative flair. It encourages children to explore different ways of expressing themselves and celebrates the importance of individuality and self-acceptance.

About the Author:
Penny Harrison is a children's author, book reviewer, garden writer and lifestyle journalist. A professional writer for more than 20 years, she has contributed to a wide range of magazine, newspapers, and books, writing about everything from raising toddlers to raising chickens. Penny lives in a rambling old garden on the edge of the Yarra Valley, with her husband and two young children.

About the Illustrator:
Penelope Pratley has been mucking about with paint since she was a small girl. With BFA and a Bachelor of Teaching, she has taught art from preschool to high school. She now works from her home studio as an illustrator, tutoring aspiring artists, and producing and selling her work under the business name Penelope's Nest. Penelope is passionate about providing children with the skills to successfully use different art mediums at an early age, enabling them to see and interpret their environment creatively.

My Review:
Spring is here, and we'll be spending more time outdoors. This book is perfect for spring and planting flowers too! "The Art Garden" children's book is about a little girl named Sadie, who wants to be an artist. She tries and tries to be an artist like her friend, Tom, who is a really good at drawing and painting. But Sadie isn't an artist like Tom. Instead, she's an artist in the garden.

This book can teach your children that even though they might not be singers, painters, artists, or dancers, that they just might be an artist in something else!

While my girls aren't great at Ballet, one of my girls is great at hip hop dancing, even though she doesn't know it yet. My other daughter is trying out ballet, jazz/tap, ballet and she's taking an art class. I don't know exactly what she'll end up doing in life, but what ever it is, she is always super determined to not let anyone stop her.


Enter below using the Giveaway Tools form for a chance to Win your own copy of "The Art Garden" children's book! TWO Winners! Giveaway is open to residents who live in the main 48 continental United States only, 18 years of age or older. Giveaway ends 4/17/18.

I received one copy of "The Art Garden" children's book in exchange for my review and giveaway post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

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  1. this all most remind me of the girls next door they surprized with snake in basket and they t hought it was funny but i screamed so loud the guys came form the ranch next door then about 3 day later they came home with 6 turtle and then the older girl she put the nail polish on them to keep eye on them


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