Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday 10/1, Low Entry Giveaways!

$10 Starbucks gift card (10am EST) - US/CAN - Conservamom *FB

The first winner will receive the Hatchanimals - ColleGGtibles - 4-pack. The second winner will receive the Lego Batman Movie - Batmobile 70905 Building Kit. The third winner will receive the Num Noms Lip gloss Truck Craft Kit (3 Winners) (@5pm PST) - U.S. - Celebrate Moms Forever *IG

Amazeko Ice Cream Truck Electric Pencil Sharpener - U.S. - Mommy Blog Expert *IG

Sephora Beauty Products - Worldwide - Glamor and Gloss

Over 250 Entries:
Ozeri Fresca Salad Spinner (5 Winners) - U.S. - Marg's Product Reviews *RC

"Working Fire," by Emily Bleeker (3 Winners) - All 50 U.S. States/Canada - Books I Think You Should Read *GL

The Lantern's Ember - book (3 Winners) - U.S. - Savings in Seconds *RC


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