Tuesday, November 20, 2018

LifeTales App - One Year Child Journal Subscription Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 12/2 #ad #HolidayGifts #ChristmasGifts

A Minute A Week. A Lifetime of Stories. 
Create An Amazing Gift For Your Future 21-Year-Old!

LifeTales, a free story-sharing app, is launching a new premium add-on called Child Journals — an effortless way for parents to create an intimate gift for their future young adult; priceless time capsules from mom, dad, grandpa or anyone they invite to share a story.

Child Journals, through the LifeTales iOS app and later this winter through their website and android, transforms the traditional photo album into a priceless treasure that includes video commentary from Mom and Dad of 20 years ago … and 15 years ago … and 10 years ago … telling her how they felt, what they were thinking, how their child was behaving and more —while it was happening!

Child Journals makes it easy to preserve everything from everyday moments to key milestones and precious moments. Users simply choose the frequency they’d like to record (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and set an optional reminder. When they receive the reminder, they record a video message of any length, describing what’s happened recently in their child’s life and – more importantly – the intangibles: their feelings, the child’s behavior, the story behind photos — things that can only be told in a commentary. As an option, they can also include their favorite photos and videos of the week, add text captions and audio recordings. Or, they can snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Memories are safely stored and easily accessed at any time, through the LifeTales platform. The Journal can also be downloaded to the user’s hard drive at any time!

Post-launch, there will be more features, including Growth Charts, Milestones, Special Galleries for report cards, artwork, and other memorabilia. These will be included in the subscription at no additional cost.

Child Journals are now available for a monthly subscription fee of USD $1.99 per month per journal or USD $4.99 per month for the Unlimited Family Plan. For the price of a cup of coffee or a bag of chips each month, parents can create the gift of a lifetime – for themselves, and your child. During the pre-launch phase, LifeTales is offering a limited-time sale price of just $1.99 USD per month for the Unlimited Family Plan. Users can lock in this very low rate for a maximum of five years.

The Unlimited Family Plan also includes the use of the Social Memoirs premium add-on, specially designed to help parents capture and preserve the stories of the grandparents. With Child Journals, parents can gift their child with their own life story. And Social Memoirs makes it easy to also share their grandparents’ stories.

About Child Journals
Child Journals is an easy-to-create digital journal about your child, an intimate gift from Mom and Dad for your future young adult. The stories are mostly told by Mom and Dad (back when he had hair). And by invitation-only, some stories can also be from Grandma, Grandpa (who is no longer around), and family friends.

You’re probably taking a great many pictures and videos now — they’ll be a treasure for your child one day — but you’re missing the most important part: your feelings, your child’s personality and behavior, Mom and Dad’s hopes and dreams, love and emotion. All these things can’t be photographed; they’re in your head and your heart, so they need to be spoken!

It will be fascinating for your 21-year-old to look back on their life. It will also be an incredible reference one day when they’re a parent, as they see what they were like themselves at the same age as their child.

Give a lifetime of memories to the one who will always be your baby. For more information on Child Journals, visit https://lifetales.com/child-journals. Child Journals are currently FREE for one month! Check them out! I know my kids would love this! They have their own phone that they share and they love to take photos and videos of one another and their friends.

Every LifeTales story starts off private. When you’re ready, pick each person you’d like to share it with, and share each story differently. No false persona and no competition for likes; just you, being you, and sharing it with the ones who really care!

Use any combination of pictures, video, text, and audio. Invite contributors to create and tell stories together, and easily access your organized archive anytime, anywhere. Available from the App Store, or via browser for Android or desktop users. For more information, visit www.LifeTales.com.

Record your Thanksgiving and Christmas Memories and download the LifeTales App. Now! You can also give your loved ones a one year membership for Christmas or Holiday Gifts!


LifeTales is giving away a One Year Free Subscription to their Child Journals (Currently a $23.88 value)! Giveaway is open to residents who live in All 50 U.S. States only, 13 years of age or older. Giveaway ends on 12/2/18.

Disclosure: I was paid a small fee to post this ad and giveaway post. No other compensation was exchanged or received. I have not downloaded this app. yet, but I probably will because it sounds awesome and I'd love to check it out! You should too! Download it for FREE, then if you'd like to have more options, pay the small fee to do more!


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