Friday, December 7, 2018

Lil Gadgets, Headphones for Children Review! #ChristmasGifts

Children love music, but the majority of the time they are using products that are made for adults. These headphones not only slip off their ears but the volume levels can be harmful to developing children. Often, children’s products are made to look cartoonish and are low quality. With Lil Gadgets, the headphones are high-quality, high performance and are made specifically for kids. The headphones are designed with not just a safety standpoint, but a child safety standpoint. Your audience of parents who want to find new products for their children will love the Lil Gadgets headphones because of all of their benefits.

The headphones are made with volume limits, this means that children do not have to max out the volume to hear over the sounds around them. The SoftTouch material brings the benefits of: rugged durability, a soft feel and a comfortable fit.  Not only that, but the SharePort allows for the connecting of multiple headphones to one device. Some safety features of the headphones include safety adjustable, non-pinching, snag-free cushioning and a safe release jack. The headphones come in four different styles and each style has 5 colors to choose from: pink, black, blue, green and purple to ensure that every child is pleased with their accessory.

Lil Gadgets headphones are made specifically for children. There are four different styles of headphones to ensure every child has the type of headphone they are happiest with. Each style of the headphones is designed for specific age groups. The styles include: Connect+, Connect+ Style, Connect + Pro and Untangled pro. Each style comes in five colors, pink blue, green, purple, and black (Untangled Pro also comes in white). Each headphone, with an exception of Untangled, consists of a SharePort to allow more than one headphone to be connected to one device. In addition, the headphones are made with SoftTouch material to ensure a soft feel and a comfortable fit.

My Review:
These children's headphones are light weight, super soft, and my nine year old daughter LOVES them! I had to purchase a second pair for my six year old! They can't wait to connect their two sets together so they can both watch a movie on Netflix or on their kindles and share it together! I wish I would have found Lil Gadgets headphones years ago! They would have saved me a lot of money on splitters. We've gone through a few of them over the years. We will be testing this out on a flight from TN to CA, almost 5 hours. We will also be using them while we are there and on the way back. I will post another review or re-edit this one, to let you know how they survived!

Disclosure: I received one pair of Lil Gadgets headphones in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.


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