Monday, May 5, 2014

I Challenge You To Step Away From Your Computers And Phones!

Watch the above video first please.

Now, get off of your phone or computer, and let me know what you see. What did you do? Who did you talk to? Was it another mother or father who was too busy on their phone to even notice you? Did they put down their phone, since you weren't playing with yours? What did you talk about?

I find that most places that I go, most everyone, including grandparents, are scanning their phones, checking email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I have seen whole families waiting in line at Disneyland, or sitting in restaurants messing with their phones, and not talking to one another.

Is this the future you want for your children? Is this what you want to teach them? We need to lead by example, and I am no saint. But this summer, I can tell you what. In the mornings, I will be spending time outside with my children, when it's not so hot and humid, we will be outside or at the zoo. I am not a huge on being outside when it's warm, but maybe, just maybe, spending time with my children is more important! Don't you think!

With today's society and public schools, we are about to miss out on the world around us. Our children won't even notice a sunset, or feel grass under their feet, because they will be too busy talking to people online, and not in person. What if you missed a chance to give someone who was upset a much needed hug? Maybe they were your future best friend or soul mate, and you missed the chance, all because, you were checking your email on your phone or laptop.

Children get very little time to socialize in school anymore. It's not like it was when we were in school, it's way more different, and teachers are telling me this everyday. So, start today! Go make a difference in your own life, in your children's lives, and start paying attention to REAL people!


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