Friday, October 7, 2011

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips to Help You and Your Family Stay Cold and Flu Free This Season!

Every year my family and I catch colds, and at least once a year, we catch the flu. Every year, in October, my children, husband, and I get the flu shot. I don't know if it really helps us or not, but we do other things all year long to help protect us and our children from getting sick.

We keep Lysol Wipes and baby wipes in our cupboards and we do my best to wipe down the door knobs, faucet handles, and light switches in our home as much as possible. My husband comes home from work and he is almost always telling me that someone came to work sick or with cold. So when he comes home and touches everything, I go through the house and wipe things down. I don't like getting sick, and I really don't like listening to my children congested and coughing. My two year old daughter has allergies, and when she catches a cold, it lasts twice as long as it normally would. She has currently been coughing and congested for about a month now. My poor sweet baby girl.

I like green cleaners, but every few weeks I like to clean the sinks, bathtubs, and toilets with Lysol with Bleach! Not to mention, it makes my hands and house smell clean! We had a birthday party for our children last weekend, and everything in our home smelled so nice and clean for a few days. I loved it! I am about to clean the house again, just so it will smell clean again!

We try our best to wash our hands and our children's hands as much as possible. We keep anti-bacterial soaps in the house in all three of our bathrooms and next to our kitchen sink. I love having different scented hand soaps near every sink! I purposely wash my hands sometimes, just to smell the soap! My children love the SpongeBob foaming hand soap. I hardly let them watch SpongeBob, but they know who he is.

We also keep boxes of tissues in every bathroom, beside our bed, beside the kitchen trashcan, and one box on the dining room table. We our working on teaching our two and four year olds to use tissues to wipe their nose. Our four year old son has a bad habit of using his t-shirt instead. We are also teaching them to cough and sneeze onto their hands, or into the crooks of their arms. I don't care which one they decide to do, as long as they stop coughing and sneezing directly into the air, on their toys, in each others faces, or in my face. I don't like having my children come up to me and cough or sneeze in my face, it's not nice, and I wouldn't want them doing it to someone else.

I also keep a few packs of Boogie Wipes laying around the house and one pack in the diaper bag at all times. My children love these and they work really well to wipe boogies from a sore, yucky little nose.

I almost forgot, we keep a pack of Lysol anti-bacterial wipes in our vehicles. This way when we go over to friend's houses for play dates, our to the park, or to a fast food restaurant with a play area, I can wipe our children's hands and faces as soon as they get into the car! This way they won't bring anything that they got on their hands onto their car seats or into our home.

I hope that you and your family have your own tricks to keep them cold and flu free this season! If you have anymore ideas, I would love to hear them! We can all use more ideas on how to keep our family cold and flu free!

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Tips to Help You and Your Family Stay Cold and Flu Free This Season!  #lysolcoldandflu 

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Monday, October 3, 2011

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

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