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Lucía the Luchadora and the Million Masks - Children's Book Review and Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 10/21

Lucía the Luchadora returns in a new adventure!

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Lucía the Luchadora and the Million Masks

Lucía’s little sister Gemma wants to be a luchadora like her, but she is more bumble and splat than pizzazz, and seems to find trouble wherever she goes. When Gemma makes a ginormous hole in her big sister’s special silver mask, Lucía is exasperated at how she seems to get away with everything. But a trip to the mercado with Abuela presents the sparring sisters with a dazzling array of possibilities: MORE masks and identities to explore! When Lucía realizes she’s misplaced her special silver mask, a frantic search ensues with Gemma’s help, and Lucía discovers that some things, including troublemaking little sisters, are one of a kind.

A splendiferous follow-up to 2017’s smash hit Lucía the Luchadora, which was named one of the Best Books of the year by NPR, Kirkus Reviews, Chicago Public Library, and more.

About the Writer:
Cynthia Leonor Garza has enjoyed many shared adventures at the mercado since she was a kid. She’s a journalist who has worked for several newspapers and her commentaries have appeared on NPR and in The Atlantic. She currently lives with her two daughters, husband, and their quixotic dog Bibi in Nairobi, Kenya. To learn more about Cynthia, find her @luchalady or on her website,

About the Illustrator:
Alyssa Bermudez has zigzagged through marvelous markets around the world. She is an illustrator for commercial and children’s work, an art teacher for all ages, and her crafted designs appear in markets too! She currently resides in stunning Tasmania where many shared adventures await. For more about Alyssa, find her @bermudezbahama or

My Review:
Lucía is like most little girls. She loves to play and pretend, and she has quite an imagination. Her little sister, Gemma, likes to copy everything that she does. Lucia's Grandmother, Abu, takes the girls to a local market to get Gemma her own lucha mask. Abu tells the girls about Mil Mascaras, a luchadora (wrestler) who uses a different mask everytime he was in a match. His name means the Man of a Thousand Masks. Lucia imagines that she is the girl of a thousand masks. She tries on a bunch of masks in the market and lets her imagination run wild.

This is a really adorable book for children from ages 2-6. I can't wait to share it with my six year old daughter! She's going to love it! I grew up in southern California with many people from all over the world. I try to share much about my mixed traditions that I grew up with to our three children. I think it's important for children to have open minds and hearts.


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Disclosure: I received one copy of "Lucía the Luchadora and the Million Masks" children's book, in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

In Defense of Guilt - Book - #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 10/21

Even the most virtuous among us has a few skeletons in their closet. It can be easy, especially in our fast-paced, technology-fueled, highly competitive capitalist world, to live a life that is less than perfect in terms of morality and priorities. We can usually skate by this way; but Ben Berkley, in his thrilling courtroom drama In Defense of Guilt (Koehler Books, October 24, 2018), imagines what might happen if you were forced to come face to face with your sins—and be judged for them. In a revelatory novel that will keep readers turning pages from the first word, Berkley subtly reminds us that in the end, we’re all dispensable, and it’s important to live each day with that in mind.

Available to purchase online and in stores, October 24th!

About the book:
Lauren Hill is a chic, sophisticated, and driven defense attorney who has never lost a case. Some might call her a workaholic. When she represents a man accused of throwing his wife overboard on a cruise, she, as usual, begins to artfully present her case. Courtroom proceedings start to take a turn, however, when the presiding Judge Howell morphs into God, and only Lauren can see him. Her personal life becomes the content of the case instead of her client’s alleged crimes. Forced to question her own actions over the course of her life, she confronts infidelity, poor parenthood, and self-absorption. As the Almighty questions her, he charges Lauren with committing the seven deadly sins. But is this real or fantasy? Is Lauren on the edge of a nervous breakdown, or is God presiding and ultimately deciding Lauren’s fate?

With In Defense of Guilt, Berkley leverages years of experience as an attorney for this page-turning courtroom procedural that toys with the genre in a unique way — giving us a look behind the scenes both in the courtroom and in the lives of busy, practicing lawyers.


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