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Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, 12/1

Graco SnugRider Elite ($89.99 value) - U.S. - Married my sugar daddy

Set of 4 Coca Cola Bell Soda Glasses - U.S. - The Rebel Chick

Alice in Wonderland - The Chesire Cat "We're All Mad Here" ring - U.S. - Networking Witches

EmerginC aromatic cream tea cleanser - U.S. - Networking Witches *RC

Chanukah House Vanilla Cookie Decorating Kit - U.S. - Laughing Lindsey

$50 GC to Shabby Apple - U.S. - From Tracie

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers Prize Pack - U.S. - Letters from Momma *RC

Four Soupman Soups - U.S. - The Staten Island family

Boxcar Children’s series (The Boxcar Children, Surprise Island ,The Yellow House Mystery and Mystery Ranch AND a hardcover copy of the series prequel The Boxcar Children Beginning: The Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm SIGNED by the author, Newbery award-winning author Patricia MacLachlan. ARV is $48.98) - US/CAN - Making Time For Mommy

*Giveaways with over 200 entries:  

Cook in Color - Whale Ice Cream Spade - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

On My Way to the Bath (children's book) - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

$25 cool cuts 4 kids gift card - U.S. - Emily Reviews *GT

16oz bottles of Lubriderm Lotion (5 winners) - U.S. - Christian Clippers

Small cardboard Piczzle Puzzle (personalized jigsaw puzzle) - U.S. - Lindsey's Life *RC

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These Giveaways End on Sunday 12/2 on My Springfield Mommy

These ALL Ends on Sunday, 12/2, but there's such a long list, that I wanted to share them with you now!

The Shortest Way Home - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Cool Cuts 4 Kids $25 Gift Card (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Country Crock Holiday Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Barbeque! Bible Best Ribs Ever (recipe book) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Aldi $25 Gift Card (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Paper Made! (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Carnival of the Animals CD (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Unbelievably Gluten Free Cookbook (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry (2 winners) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Preschool of Rock: Everything Makes a Sound CD (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Gorton's Seafood Prize Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Simply Potatoes (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

The Art of Procrastination - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Word: 144 Crossword Puzzles - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Charmin/CVS Prize Pack (includes a $10 CVS GC) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Two packs of Energizer Max Batteries (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Dollar General/P&G brandSAVER Shaving Prize Pack (includes a $20 GC to Dollar General!) (2 winners) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Tickle Time! - children's books (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Training the Best Dog Ever - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

The Fashion Designer's Handbook and Fashion Kit (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Mirabelle and the Butterfly - board book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Star Wars Origami - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

2012 Hallmark Holiday Prize Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges - book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

My First Bird Book and Bird Feeder (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Indestructibles Baby Faces (books for babies) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Safari: A Photicular Book (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

The Mom 100 Cookbook (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

The Truck Food Cookbook (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Only 25 Days left until Christmas!

So far, we bought most of the Christmas gifts from Santa for our children. I wanted to buy Chloe the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Castle with Princesses, and maybe the Cinderella coach or The Little Mermaid coach. But I kept having issues finding them online. So I gave up, and I bought her the Fold & Go Princess Castle from Melissa & Doug, the Royal Family Wooden doll set (comes with 2 horses), the Fold & Go Stable (comes with 2 horses too), and the Happy Handle Stamp Set (which looks like a lot of fun for both children)! I also got her a leapfrog game for the leappad, which we already have, and a flashlight lantern, which I used my credit to purchase for her. The flashlight will probably end up in her stocking.

I am truly worried that she's going to be disappointed and upset that I didn't get her a castle that she wanted. But I don't think she honestly knew what she wanted. When I had the kids cut out pictures from catalogs (a great craft project that kept them busy for a few hours) and glue them to construction paper, to get a feel what they wanted for Christmas. Everything that Chloe picked was a castle of some sort. It was either a princess castle, my little pony, barbie, or something else. But they were all castles and kitchen sets. She has one little kitchen thing, I don't feel that we need another one right now. We honestly have no room.

So that's what's been on my mind and eating at me. Chloe is only three, I am sure she will be happy with whatever Santa gets her. But I worry sometimes. Matthew likes anything Cars, Thomas, he isn't that picky. But for some reason, I am feeling that Chloe is picky. But I bet that she will love what she gets, even if it doesn't make noise like the Fisher-Price princess castle.

25 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge!

Tomorrow begins the annual "25 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge."  There will be no prize at the end of the 25 days, but I can guarantee that you will be glad you are not pressured to post a blog entry once it is all over. This is my first time participating, you you never know what your going to see on my blog.

Blog about anything, everything... Post pictures, jokes, cool stuff you found on Pinterest!  Anything!  Just post each day (even on the weekend!) leading up to Christmas.

The fun begins on Saturday!  So, grab the clipart above and join the challenge.  And... be sure to let Haphazard Happenstances know! After all, I stole this idea from her!

Link your post everyday in a comment under my posts, and I will then copy and paste a link to your post in my daily post! FREE Traffic to your site, all for leaving a comment on mine! Sounds good to me!

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Friday 11/30

Totally Awesome, Super-Cool Bible Stories as Drawn by Nerdy Ned (book) (@12noon EST) - U.S. - Mommy Head Adventures

Little Angel DVD Collection - U.S. - Parenting With Purpose *RC

Subscription to FootPrints2Brillianc, Inc. (curriculum that includes award winning ebooks and games that will accelerate vocabulary acquisition, comprehension, creativity, and multiple-choice test taking skills in your child) ($249 value) - More Than Your Average Mom *RC

Hand painted Tissue Box cover in your color choice with FREE shipping from Banarsi Designs - U.S. - the winthrop chronicles

Case of 12 mixed flavors of Sneaky Pete's Oatstanding Beverage - U.S. - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

Promo code for a free 20-page 8×8 photo book from Shutterfly (@10pm) - U.S. - The Girl From The Ghetto

Mini Blabla Doll (you choice of Fergus or Lilipop) - U.S. - Pink Mom Blue Mom

Daddy Diaper Pack from DaddyScrubs - U.S. - Mommy Katie

Kitchen 101 (recipe book) (2 winners) - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

Shani Jacobi Horse Necklace - Internationally - inaccessory *RC

Leapster GS Explorer and Furby - U.S. - Colorado Moms

Nokia Lumia 822 and a $100 Verizon Gift Card - U.S. - Making Time For Mommy

*Giveaways with over 200 entries:

Carnival of the Animals CD - U.S. - Simple *RC

Scan2Go Circle Race Track Starter Kit - U.S. - Mommy Katie

The Donut Book (recipes) - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

GrillTopper (2 winners) - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

Spontuneous Board Game - US/CAN - Kids On A Plane *RC

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Winners of Recent Giveaways are:

Congrats to the Winners!

#253 - Deborah Neal - Winner of the Laurie Berkner Band Christmas Album!

#395 - Jennier Clay - Winner of the Cush n' Go!

#134 - Christine DeVoogd & #34 - Kristen Sawatzke - Winners of the Purex plus Oxi coupons!

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner Review!

Carmex products are all around our home, in the diaper bag, my purse, and my husband's computer bag that goes with him to work everyday. Carmex is introducing "Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner"!

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner is creamy, fast absorbing, non-greasy, and contains 13 moisturizers for soft, smooth lips with a hint of Orange! Carmex everyday lip conditioner is like lotion for your lips! It's not sticky on your lips like some lip products are. It leaves your lips smooth and kissable! I really like the Carmex Lip Conditioner because it will help to keep my lips nice and smooth throughout these cold winter months here in Tennessee. My children also love that it tastes and smells slightly like oranges.

Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner is creamy and light formula with a natural orange flavor. You can use it alone, or as a moisturizer boost under lipstick. It's not shiny, and has a matte finish, so it won't out shine your lipstick. The Slant-tip applicator makes it easy to apply to your lips. Carmex products are never tested on animals, just on the Woelbing family members, who created Carmex over 75 years ago! 

Disclosure: I received two samples of Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner in exchange for my review post. I am also a Carmex Blogger! No other compensation was exchanged or received.

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Thursday 11/29

Drawer Sticks set of your choice (4 winners) - U.S. - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

Babypote from B√ČABA - U.S. - Inspired by Savannah *RC

Goodnight Serum from Hey Honey Skin Care - US/CAN - Does Mommy Love It?

Cape, Mask, and Cuff Dress-Up Set by Little Hero - U.S. *RC

$25 Avon GC - U.S. - Megan's Avon *RC

$50 GC to The California Wine Club - U.S. - Mommy Katie

National Geographic Super Readers Prize Pack - U.S. - Barefoot by the Sea *RC

*Giveaways with over 200 entries:

Santa Belt Hat (newborn size) - U.S. - Slow Road to Insanity *RC

RiteAid Photo Calender - Trendy Mom Reviews *RC

Jabra Clipper Bluetooth Headset - U.S. - Growing My Kids Reviews *RC

$25 GC to Shutterfly - U.S. - The Mom Reviews *RC

Mara's Pasta of 3 lbs. of whole wheat pasta - U.S. - Inspired by Savannah *RC

Barney: Let's Go to the Doctors DVD - U.S. - Inspired by Savannah *RC

Chocolate Advent Calender from The Madelaine Chocolate Company - Inspired by Savannah *RC

Silly Frilly Grandma Tillie (children's book) by Laurie Jacobs - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

Kristin Chenoweth’s A Lovely Way To Spend Christmas CD - U.S. - Contest-Corner *RC

Knowing Who I Am (book/CD combo) by Nianell - U.S. - Contest-Corner *RC

What Children Need To Learn to Read book & CD - U.S. - Contest-Corner *RC

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Wonder Forge Children's Games Review!

I love the games created by Wonder Forge! They help my children to use their imaginations and creative skills. Disney's Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is great for ages three and up, and it's helpful is helping children with their motor skills. Any game that requires your children to use their hands and fingers and their thumb and pointer finger to put things together is extremely helpful for our son who has sensory integration disorder. Games like this help him to strengthen the muscles in his fingers and hands. The object of the Enchanted Cupcake Party Game is to "Work together to make as many cupcakes as you can before it's time for the cupcake party" (before the timer runs out). My children can usually make one or two cupcakes before the timer runs out, which is a lot of fun to do by the way! Chloe is now three and Matthew is five, so they are the perfect ages to sit down and play games with!

Chloe spends time putting the cupcakes together without even playing the game! It keeps her busy doing something with her hands and trying to match the pictures with the cupcake pieces. She really enjoys doing it, and it let's me get some work done or nurse the baby.

We also got to review Disney's Jake and The Neverland Pirates game: The Neverland Challenge. I didn't know what to expect with this game. I didn't really read and check out the front of the box. I knew though that my children like Jake and the Neverland Pirates. But I didn't expect to have so much fun playing this game with my five year old son and having some one on one bonding time with him.

He really enjoyed playing this game with me, and I enjoyed playing it with him! We both enjoyed laughing at each other doing the silly tasks that are in this box. It's so much fun though, that you will forget that your actually playing a game! He asked when the game was over if he could hold the Gold Doubloons!

Check out the other games by Wonder Forge! These games can be purchase at most local retailers such as Toys R Us, Target, and online!

LIKE Wonder Forge on Facebook.

Follow Wonder Forge on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received above two games in exchange for my review post from Wonder Forge. No other compensation was exchanged or received. The above opinions are mine and mine alone.

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Wednesday 11/28

$10 Seattle's Best Gift Card (10 winners) - U.S. - Growing My Kids Reviews *RC

Nanoblock building set “pig” and a Sandzini sculpting molding set (either Dino or Kitty) - U.S. - Everything's Abuzz *RC

Copper Bracelet Handcrafted by Artistic Rite - U.S. - Minnesota Girl in LA *RC

*Giveaways with over 200 entries:

The Ecology Works Prize Pack (3 winners) - U.S. - Sensibly Sara *RC

Two -Pack of Re-Usies Bags, winner's choice of design - U.S. - Giveaway Guru *RC

Patton on Blu-Ray - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

Fabrics A to Z (book) by Dana Willard - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

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Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Cascades Eco-Friendly My Pretty Playhouse Review and Giveaway! (US/CAN) Ends 12/8

We loved reviewing the My Pretty Playhouse from Cascades! It's made of 100% recycled cardboard and it's eco-friendly! So when your children are done playing with it, or if they destroy it, it's safe to throw it away or recycle it! My two children ages five and three, had a great time coloring their playhouse with crayons, and covering it in stickers! It kept them busy for a few hours everyday, for about a week! Between decorating their playhouse and playing inside of it, they had a blast! They especially loved that the playhouse has TWO doors (one on each end of the playhouse)! So they could go in one side of the playhouse, and go out of the other.One of the playhouses from Cascades would make a great present from your Elf on the Shelf for your children to play with before Christmas! Or a great Christmas gift for them to play with while they are on winter break!

My five year old son is rough on cardboard playhouses though, so this one didn't last very long in our house. So if your children are rough on things, then this playhouse might not last but a few hours to a few days in your home. Sorry that I didn't get a photo of the finished product, but the camera battery died.

  • I like that Cascades playhouses are eco-friendly and made of 100% recycled cardboard.
  • The upper window makes for a great place to throw balls into! My children had so much fun throwing their balls into the window and then going in to get them.
  • The bottom pieces of the playhouse under the doors broke after my children played in it for a little while, and it compromised the strength of the structure of the playhouse. So they it was bowing like a triangle on both sides where the doors are.

I also wanted to point out that Cascades has a cardboard Barbie Dream House! I might purchase this one next year for winter break, just for my two girls to play with!

Overall, we like the My Pretty Playhouse! My children asked for a new one when we had to throw theirs out to be recycled. I like that it kept them busy for a few days and let them have some imaginary play. I don't like having them sit around the house and watching TV all day long. I feel that it's a great thing when our children play alone or together, and use their imaginations. I feel that they will be better teenagers and adults, and better adjusted when they grow up. I also hope to never hear them say "I'm bored." I never got bored, because I knew how to play with very little things around me. If I had a piece of paper, I could create little things to play with.

Purchase your own My Pretty Playhouse today for only $34.99! $2.00 of every my pretty playhouse purchase goes to Habitat for Humanity until December 2013! Use code MA10CAS to receive 10% off your order! (ends 12/5)

Would you like a chance to Win a My Pretty Playhouse from Cascades for your children or grandchildren? Or course you would! Enter this giveaway by using the Rafflecopter Form below. If you have any questions about how to enter, please email me at mysticbutterfly37 at This new Rafflecopter form works just like the old one.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a Cascades My Pretty Playhouse in exchange for my review and giveaway post. No other compensation was received or exchanged. The above opinions are mine, and mine alone. Airplanes and Dragonflies is not responsible if you do not receive your prize.

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Monday 11/26

The Littlest Angel: A true story of love, loss, and hope (book) by Heidi Chandler - US/CAN - The Girl From The Ghetto

Colorful Shipment of Astrobrights Products ($100 value) - U.S. - Having Fun Saving *RC

Omron HJ-322 Pedometer - U.S. - Sensibly Sara

BRITAX Frontier 85 ($299) - U.S. - The Staten Island Family

Melissa & Doug Trunki - Cummins Life

Eco Cup from World Vision - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

T-Shirt from Crazy Dog T-Shirts (worth $16.99 or less) - U.S. - Networking Witches *RC

Kelly Wearstler Chevron Arrow Key Fob in Gold, Turquoise and Silver with Silver Hooks and Hanger on Back' from the Muck a Duck etsy shop - Artsy Angel

*Giveaways with over 200 entries:

Friends Prize Pack - U.S. - Saving Cent by Cent *RC

Quivver of your choice - U.S. - A Lucky Ladybug

$15 Kmart GC - U.S. - Saving Cent by Cent *RC

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Bar Soap and Tall Spray (2 winners) - U.S. - Networking Witches *RC

One case of Beanitos Chip Snackers - U.S. - Networking Witches *RC

Being Frank (children's book) - U.S. - Wee Share *RC

MyRecipes "America's Favorite Food" cookbook (2012) - U.S. - Eating Local in the Lou *RC

$25 GC to The Vintage Honey (Etsy) Shop - U.S. - The Vintage Honey Shop *RC


*You could see YOUR Giveaway listed above Everyday until it ends for $5.00! Send $5.00 to me via paypal at airplanesanddragonflies at Then I need you to send me an email to mysticbutterfly37 at to let me know that you sent me money via paypal so that I can feature your giveaway, OR post a comment here with the link to your giveaway! I will post Your Giveaway here at the end of Every Daily post until it ends! I will also list it on a special New Page called "Featured Giveaways" until it ends! Your giveaway must end with in 30 days of submission, or I won't list it until 30 days before it ends.

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Cyber Monday Deal! - 50% off on Khaki and Green DaddyScrubs!

DaddyScrubs is running an incredible deal for Cyber Monday! You can get 50% off on Khaki and Green simple and edgy style DaddyScrubs!

When is this amazing deal happening?
The deal beings at 8:00a.m. Monday, November 26th (CyberMonday), and goes until 8:00a.m. Wednesday, November 28th PST. That is 48 whole hours of half off scrubs!

Enter CYBERMONDAY into the coupon code spot at checkout and voila! 50% off on your scrubs!

DaddyScrubs Review and Giveaway coming soon!

Low Entry Giveaways Ending Tonight, Sunday 11/25

Wonder Pets!: Save The Nutcracker DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

The Backyardigans: Christmas With The Backyardigans DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

SpongeBob SquarePants: SpongeBob’s Frozen Face-Off DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

SpongeBob SquarePants: It’s A SpongeBob Christmas DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves Christmas DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Max & Ruby: A Merry Bunny Christmas DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

Nickelodeon’s Nickelodeon Favorites: Merry Christmas DVD - U.S. - gaynycdad

One Year Supply of Trident Gum - U.S. - gaynycdad

Cocktail and Dinner Napkins from Hen House Linens ($35 value) - U.S. - gaynycdad

Two Pampers coupons, one for diapers, one for wipes (approximate value = $18! And no hurry, they do not expire until May 31, 2013) - U.S. - gaynycdad

Hasbro BeyWheelz River Beast Gil Battler - U.S. - gaynycdad

Kidde Smoke Alarm (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

Friends Prize Pack (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

Give Yourself A High Five CD (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

Angelina Ballerina: Superstar Sisters DVD (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

Barney: Let's Go to the Doctor DVD (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

Winter Emergency Car Kit (@8pm) - U.S. - My OKC Mommy

McCain Potatoes (2 Winners) (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Melissa & Doug My Own Mailbox (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Winter Vehicle Emergency Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Creative BioScience (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Lay's Potato Chips (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Rose Romano's Gourmet Italian Peppers (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Mia Mariu Beauty Prize Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Made from Earth Prize Pack (@8pm CST) - U.S. - My Springfield Mommy

Melissa & Doug - Trunki Suitcase - U.S. - Making Time For Mommy

$25 GC to - U.S. - Hanging Off The Wire *RC

*Giveaways with over 200 entries: 

A Laurie Berkner Band Christmas CD - U.S. - Airplanes and Dragonflies *RC

Ubisoft’s Petz Fantasy Moonlight Magic video game with Pet Toy & Card for the Nintendo DS (11/25) - U.S. - gaynycdad

$10 GC to Walmart - U.S. - gaynycdad

LeapFrog TAG Reading System - U.S. - gaynycdad

Hollett Baby Travel Dual-Mate™ Highchair & Infant Carrier Stand - U.S. - A Journey In Mommy's Shoes *RC

Set of Lysol Power & Free Products: Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Toilet and Bathroom Wipes - U.S. - Bicultural Mama *RC

Perrigo Nutritionals Prize Pack (2 containers formula, baby bottle cleaner, baby bottle drying rack, formula dispenser, and a Save a Bundle book) - U.S. - Katies Nesting Spot *RC