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WeBop Family Jazz Party Streams on Saturday, Nov. 21st, with Sesame Street featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra!



Virtual WeBop Family Jazz Party

streams on Saturday, November 21

A Swingin’ Sesame Street Celebration digital album featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra  with Wynton Marsalis available now

Jazz at Lincoln Center continues its mission to introduce new generations to America’s greatest art form with two new programs aimed at family audiences: WeBop Family Jazz Party, a virtual New Orleans Jazz Jam, on Saturday, November 21; and A Swingin’ Sesame Street Celebration digital album featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, available now.

WeBop Family Jazz Party: A Virtual New Orleans Jazz Jam

Saturday, November 21 at 3:00p.m. EST, with re-stream dates and times on various time zones*

Suggested fee: $10.00

Visit for tickets and additional information.

Join us this fall for a virtual trip to the birthplace of jazz as the joyful sounds of the Crescent City fill your home. Dance, swing, play, and second line with the whole family to music from the WeBop Family Band. This fun, interactive 45-minute concert is recommended for families with children 8-months to 8-years-old, but all ages are welcome! Grab your homemade instruments and enjoy an afternoon of music, movement, and imagination!

*Re-stream Date & Times

• West Cost: Saturday, November 21 at 3:00p.m. PST / 6:00p.m. EST

• Australia: Sunday, November 22 at 3:00p.m. AEDT / 11:00p.m. EST (November 21)

• Europe: Sunday, November 22 at 3:00pm CET / 9:00a.m. EST (November  22)

A Swingin’ Sesame Street Celebration Digital Album

Featuring the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Available now on and all streaming platforms

On this digital album, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s fresh arrangements of classic Sesame Street songs reveal the timeless appeal of the program’s repertoire. Recorded in front of a sold-out audience at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater, the concert assembles a star-studded lineup of Sesame Street characters —including Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie, and many more—to perform beloved tunes like “Rubber Duckie,” “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon,” and "Elmo's Song."

No one is too young or too old to enjoy this hilarious, soulful, and joyous music—so be a part of our neighborhood and celebrate five decades of Sesame Street in swingin’ style.

About Jazz at Lincoln Center

The mission of Jazz at Lincoln Center is to entertain, enrich, and expand a global community for jazz through performance, education, and advocacy. We believe jazz is a metaphor for Democracy. Because jazz is improvisational, it celebrates personal freedom and encourages individual expression. Because jazz is swinging, it dedicates that freedom to finding and maintaining common ground with others. Because jazz is rooted in the blues, it inspires us to face adversity with persistent optimism.

2020 Airplanes and Dragonflies Christmas Gift Guide! - Monster Truck Championship Video Game Review and #Giveaway! (U.S.) Ends 12/7 #HolidayGiftGuide #GiftGuide

 Choose from 18 different monster trucks!

Personalize your very own truck with over 50 customizable components!

Now available to purchase on PS4 and XBox One!

Available for the Nintendo Switch on November 24th!

Realistic monster truck simulation! From Las Vegas to Orlando, go head-to-head against experienced drivers in drag races and freestyle competitions! But, before you can pull off donuts, wheelies, and bicycles, you must first tune your truck to perfection. These machines are spectacular and impressive, yet highly technical to drive. The game faithfully reproduces all the unique demands of mastering these powerful trucks, including independent front and rear-wheel management, mass transfer anticipation in bends, and predicting bounces after jumps. Pre-order now and receive the Patriot pack, which includes 1 livery named Sergeant Chaos and 1 Monster Truck shape named Patriot.

My Review:

This game wasn't too hard to figure out. There's tutorial mode which explains to you how to do everything. I went into the practice to learn how to drive the truck around after I picked which one I wanted, and it was fun going off of ramps, flipping the truck upside down, ramming into stacks of tires, and more! There's also different driver views which is cool also when you're flipping upside down. I hope to actually progress more, race, and add some really cool stuff to my monster truck! I can't wait! Especially right now with everything going on in this crazy world, it's a nice escape. Even if it's only for a little while.


Enter below using the Giveaway Tools form for a chance to Win your own Game Code for "Monster Truck Championship" for either the PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, or XBox One! Open to residents in All 50 U.S. States, 18 years of age or older. Giveaway ends 12/7/2020.

Disclosure: I received a code from Homerun PR to download the Monster Truck Championship game onto our Nintendo Switch. No other compensation was received or exchanged for my post.

Get Inside Adam Sandler’s Comedy Magic in First Trailer for "Adam Sandler: Funny Guy” on Amazon Prime! #AdamSandler #AdamSandlerMovies #funnymovies

Get Inside Adam Sandler’s Comedy Magic in First Trailer for 
"Adam Sandler: Funny Guy”

Critics may not always love Adam Sandler, but fans sure do. The boy from Brooklyn did not need showbiz connections to become a global superstar. Sandler has left his comedic mark on three decades of stage, screen, and song.

Adam’s lasting appeal has earned more than $2 billion at the box office. TV audiences got to know him as a writer and performer on SNL during the early ‘90s. Forty-four films include Billy Madison (1995), Happy Gilmore (1996), The Waterboy (1998), The Wedding Singer (1998), Big Daddy (1999), Mr. Deeds (2002), 50 First Dates (2004), The Longest Yard (2005), Click (2006), Grown Ups (2010), Just Go With It (2011), Grown Ups II (2013), Blended (2014) and Murder Mystery (2019), that achieved the biggest opening weekend for a film in the company’s history (source: Netflix).

Adam Sandler remains a consistent favorite among fans who are comforted that they will always have a good time. Get the inside story on this fascinating actor, comedian, screenwriter, producer, husband, father, and forever FUNNY GUY.

The feature-length biography ‘Adam Sandler: Funny Guy’ is now available on Amazon Prime.

Directed by Danielle Winter, produced by Dana Webber, ‘Adam Sandler: Funny Guy’ is distributed by Legacy Distribution.

Check out this NEW Artist, Meg Toohey! Her Voice is Amazing!

Singer-Songwriter Meg Toohey Gives a Shout Out to Kids in the Age of COVID with ‘I Wish I Could Go Back’

This year has been tough for everyone — but especially so for teenagers having to miss out on fun school activities and milestones due to the pandemic. On November 19, singer-songwriter Meg Toohey releases “I Wish I Could Go Back,” a shout out to all of the high school kids who have seen their football games, their proms, their graduations, and their good times sidelined by COVID-19.

In the track, Toohey paints a picture of teenage Americana — and offers up a snapshot of the myriad of firsts today’s students must go without, from innocently riding around in beat-up cars to being able to “hug hello and kiss goodbye” or just hang out under the bleachers at a school football game. She outlines the wistful feeling that permeates everyone as we move forward through this moment: “I Wish I Could Go Back.” 

The single comes as a followup to her tribute to fellow Waitress cast member Nick Cordero, who died from complications due to COVID-19. Since then “Lucky Streak” featuring Sara Bareilles been downloaded over 300k times and was featured on The Today Show, CBS This Morning and The Talk.

Toohey’s career as a singer/songwriter continues to bloom, and she and her bandmates from “Waitress” — including Sara Bareilles — recently played a virtual streaming concert from Rockwood Music Hall. With the success of the show, they have another upcoming concert already booked.

After a lifetime of making music, Toohey is just getting started.

Meg Toohey's voice is amazing! To me, she sounds like an early Norah Jones, but more country! I love it! I can't wait to hear more from her!

Listen to “I Wish I Could Go Back” below:



Thursday, November 19, 2020

"The Way Home" - Documentary on Homelessness in California - Coming December 4th on Amazon and other Streaming apps. #TheWayHome

Season One of a new short-form documentary series from acclaimed filmmakers Don Hardy, Camille Servan-Schreiber and Shawn Dailey entitled THE WAY HOME.  This inspiring and insightful non-fiction short film series takes a deep dive into the ongoing increasing issues of homelessness in America - specifically in California.

This remarkable series not only focuses on the growing problem impacting our nation, but highlights solution makers and gamechangers, as they dedicate their lives making a difference in addressing this issue.


A Short-Form Documentary Series

From Acclaimed Filmmakers

Don Hardy, Camille Servan-Schreiber & Shawn Dailey

Season One Launches December 4th

On iTunes, Amazon, & Google Play

THE WAY HOME is a short-form documentary series from KTF Films and Bread and Butter Films  focusing on the current homelessness epidemic in California - the state with the largest population of homeless people in the USA. 

Through these compelling short films, you will be inspired by the solution creators and the game-changers who are making an impact in this ongoing situation.

Written & Directed by: Camille Servan-Schreiber & Don Hardy

Produced by: Shawn Dailey, Camille Servan-Schreiber & Don Hardy


Episode 1: How Did We Get Here?

In the first episode of THE WAY HOME  we examine the origins the homelessness crisis in the US and how has grown to an epidemic in California.

Episode 2: The Most Vulnerable

More than half of homeless people in California are seniors. One pilot program in Northern California is focused on getting them off the street.

Episode 3: The Invisible

In one California community volunteers, non-profit organizations, and the local government are working together to find creative ways to get people into sustainable housing … and it’s working.

Episode 4: The California Dream

California is in the midst of a housing crisis, and the lack of affordable housing is why so many become homeless.

Mark your calendars for December 4 as the launch date for this important series on iTunes, Amazon & Google Play.

* These films were made possible with support from Kaiser Permanente. Since 1945, Kaiser Permanente’s mission has been to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.


Child Actor, and Now Children's Book Author, Arden Pala, Has His Own Book Series To Teach Children About Different Cultures.

"Superpowers for Good" cast member Arden Pala who was recently awarded “Best Child Actor” by the Los Angeles Film Awards talks about celebrating cultures and similarities in his new book series.

Arden wrote “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car Through China” (available to purchase now and on kindle) and “The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car Through Turkey” (available only for amazon kindle) during his summer breaks and based them on trips he took with his family to China, Turkey and Mexico.

"The main message I want to get across is that folks are all different in various ways — maybe culturally or in beliefs, religions and background and other aspects. But the uniqueness of each person should be celebrated and that ultimately brings people together. In the process, they’ll probably also find they have a lot in common."

His 24-page children’s book with illustrations by Pavel Goldaev includes descriptions of Arden’s travels through the eyes of a young boy and his friends.

The book is part of a series that explores different countries around the world — the beauty of the land, historic places, and the food as experienced by several kids traveling in a flying car. Not a bad way to travel during the pandemic, although the series started several years before.

Proceeds benefit San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund.

The book, which raises money for the San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund, takes readers on an adventure swimming with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas, and whale watching in Todos Santos on the way to the ancient pyramids of Chichen Itza where the kids explore a Mayan temple.

“I want kids to have a fun time when they read my book. I also want kids to learn about different cultures and food,” said Arden, a sixth-grader at Francis Parker School in San Diego.

The way Arden figures it, if he shows different places in the world where kids’ families come from, they can make a connection with those places and understand a little more about the kids who come from there.

“I wrote the books to show that it’s OK to be different,” said Arden.

Arden comes from an immigrant culture himself — Turkish American — and cultural differences and accepting each other with our differences, no matter where we come from, is something we discuss very often at home.

“I want to explain about a country in a short, fun way, so kids get to experience how exciting and cool it is,” said Arden.

"The Adventures of Noah's Flying Car Through Mexico" are only available for purchase on

2020 Airplanes and Dragonflies Christmas Gift Guide - Photowall - Wall Murals, Framed Prints, and More, Review and #Giveaway! (Worldwide) Ends 12/6

Could you imagine opening one of your Christmas presents and opening up a beautiful poster, framed print, or a beautiful photo on canvas to hang on your wall! My eight year old daughter has a new found love for wanting to travel to Paris, France. When she opened the box with the framed print of the Eiffel Tower, she was so happy that she could look at it everyday and she's began to start saving money for her trip when she's eighteen. Maybe I'll get to go with her, or maybe she'll take a friend. But it's neat when you have a dream to travel some place you've never been before. This framed photo will be hanging in her bedroom for years to come with a jar underneath it full of money for her Paris trip. This mama will make sure her baby girl gets to go there too!

This framed photo of the Eiffel Tower is so beautiful! I wished that I would have ordered a larger one. Maybe someday in the future, I will be able to afford to upgrade it for her. It's well made and comes ready to hang up on most any wall. Check out more information below about Photowall and their awesome, beautiful amazing products.

Photowall is a Swedish wall-art company passionate about creating inspiring living spaces with personality. You can purchase Wall Murals, Photo Wallpapers, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, and Posters. You can also create your own Wallpaper, Canvas prints, Framed prints, or posters! You can use your own images, or use one of theirs created by the artists that they use. 

Framed Wall Print

Canvas Wall Print

Wall Mural



At Photowall's wall mural factory they strive to minimize their environmental impact, and their environmental approach permeates everything they do. All production is to order, which means they only produce the quantity of products required, none are held in stock or discarded unnecessarily. The printing ink they use for their wallpapers contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals, and is biodegradable. Waste material from their processes is recycled by environmental entrepreneur Hans Andersson Recycling AB. Click here to read more about Photowall's environmental efforts in Sweden.

Purchase your Wallpaper, Wall Mural, Poster, Canvas, framed picture, or personalized products from Photowall today! Your friends and family will love receiving these gifts! 

Use code: airplanesanddragonflies25 to receive 25% off your entire order on any Photowall products! This code will expire December 31st, 2020!

Connect with Photowall on social media:

FacebookPinterest, and Instagram


Enter below using the Giveaway Tools form for a chance to Win either a canvas print or a premium poster of your choice from Photowall! Giveaway is open to everyone, Worldwide, 18 years of age or older. Giveaway ends 12/6/2020.

Disclosure: I received a framed poster from Photowall in exchange for my review and giveaway post. No other compensation was exchanged or received. The above opinions are mine and mine alone.

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DROWNING - Movie Review!

My Review and Thoughts:
Melora Walters (Boogie Nights, Magnolia) is on a role! (and in many as well). She’s not only starred in Pen15 this summer, but also just released her feature film Drowning! She’s breaking boundaries not only as a female filmmaker but in storytelling through film at large.

I found the movie a little hard to follow. It's like being inside of Rosie's head and what people are saying to her because she's annoying them. She's really bothered by the fact that her son joined the military reserves. She keeps thinking that he's going to die. Seems as though she has some anxiety issues, which some of us do. She's inside of her own head so much that she seems almost depressed. The movie ends weird to me. It's worth watching if you like these kinds of movies. Melora Walters is a great actress though!

Melora Walters’ Film DROWNING 

Secures North American Release from Gravitas Ventures; 

Film Debuts October 20 on all Digital VOD Platforms 
Melora Walters, Gil Bellows, Jay Mohr, Joanna Going, Steven Swadling, Sergio Rizzuto and Mira Sorvino Star in Walters’ Second Film

Gravitas Ventures has released actress-turned-writer/director Melora Walters’ film DROWNING is now available on all North American digital VOD platforms. 

Debuting in October 2019 at the Rome Film Festival and concluding its festival run it Italy this summer at The Marateale— among the first international film festivals to take place since the pandemic began—Walters took home “Best Director” and the festival also honored star Mira Sorvino with the “La Marateale International Award” for her career and her commitment to the advancement of women in film.  DROWNING stars Walters (MAGNOLIA) directing her second feature (the first was this summer’s WATERLILY JAGUAR). The film also stars Emmyâ-winners Gil Bellows (PATRIOT) and Jay Mohr (GO); Joanna Going (KINGDOM),; Steven Swadling (KICKBOXER; THE CLEARING); Sergio Rizzuto (HARD KILL); and the Oscarâ-winning Mira Sorvino (MIGHTY APHRODITE, Hollywood). Rizzuto and Walters also serve as producers; and Swadling as an executive producer.

DROWNING recounts the story of a mother coming to terms with her emotions as her only son is deployed to war. Walters, whose son was deployed to Iraq and Syria, also wrote the film, inspired by her own experiences. The film explores the grief and depression that many families of service members struggle to reconcile with back at home. As such the film follows Rose (Walters) as she crosses paths with strangers and confides in close friends, grappling with her own faults to discover meaning in life.

Christopher Backus (JETT; WATERLILY JAGUAR), Sarah Butler (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), and Jim O’Heir (SMOTHERED BY MOTHERS) round out the cast. DROWNING was produced by Rizzuto for his Potato Eater Productions, Albert Chi, Rory Rooney, Walters, and Jerry Ying. Swadling served as an executive producer under his Room in the Sky Films production banner. 

Walters is in the midst of a career high, having released her directorial debut WATERLILY JAGUAR in June, starred in the horror-Western THE PALE DOOR in August, co-starring in the current hit Hulu Original series PEN15, and is starring in PINK SKIES AHEAD, debuted in October 2020.

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Rating: NR
Language: English
Audio: Dolby 5.1, AAC, Close-Captioned in English 

Director/Writer: Melora Walters

Executive Producer: Steven Michael Swadling

Director of Photography: Christopher Soos

Web and Social Media:


Disclosure: I received a private screener of the movie from a PR agency in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

Scooter Brown Teams Up With Veteran-Owned Merica Bourbon For Signature Series! #merica

Southern rock and country artist Scooter Brown has teamed up with veteran-owned Merica Bourbon for a special Scooter Brown Signature Series. As a Marine vet himself with an affinity for good whiskey, the collaboration felt only natural. Everyone knows that country music pairs perfectly with bourbon - according to Merica, both are “meant to be shared with friends, reminiscing on the good moments in life.”

“It’s been a dream of mine to put out my own whiskey. The partnership with Merica Bourbon has turned into so much more. A veteran owned company all made in the USA is obviously a perfect fit as well... and the whiskey is delicious!” says Brown.

“I am very happy to be working with such a talented musician as Scooter Brown on his Merica Bourbon Signature Series, It has been amazing working with another veteran who believes in a quality, affordable Bourbon that gives back!” says founder Derek Sisson.

Proudly made in America, Merica Bourbon Whiskey, uses only the finest American grain to offer the cleanest, smoothest and best tasting whiskey. Derived from American history, Merica Bourbon is made with the same passion that makes this country great.

The Merica Bourbon Scooter Brown Signature Series is available to purchase online in 38 states. Merch items can be bought here.

Scooter Brown Band recently released their newest double single on Veterans Day. The original, “Something Waylon Would Sing,” has that traditional outlaw feel, while the Waylon Jennings cover, “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out Of Hand,” modernises a classic tune. Listen to both songs here.

The single has been added to Apple Music’s Country Roads, Don’t Mess With Texas and New Country Music playlists and can also be found on their Country Hot Tracks feature. Spotify added the song to their Next From Nashville playlist.

“It starts out semi-spoken, with a steel guitar weeping in the background. Then that familiar Waylors beat kicks in and the thumper production adds chicken-pickin’ Telecaster guitar and the audio pleasure meter goes up to “10.” Well done.” - Robert K. Oermann, Music Row

About Scooter Brown Band
After four years and three months, two tours overseas with one tour of combat in Iraq as a United States Marine, Scooter Brown traded his guns in for guitars and hit the road. Scooter Brown Band was formed and began playing mainly in and around Houston, Texas. They have toured North America and opened for some of their biggest influences including Charlie Daniels Band, Travis Tritt, Dwight Yoakam, Lee Roy Parnell and the Marshall Tucker Band, just to name a few. With two of the members having served in the military, they dedicate significant time doing work for Veteran Support Organizations like Base Camp 40 - Warriors in the Wild, Lone Survivor Foundation, and the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. For the last few years the band has been building a new era in their career. Defined as modern southern rock, the band released American Son in late 2017 and was named by Artists to Watch by Rolling Stone. Spotify supported the title track of the album on playlists including “Country Rocks,” “Southern Rock 101” and “Texas Music Now.” Brown was featured as a finalist on USA Network’s “Real Country” in 2018 and was awarded Male Vocalist of the Year at the Third Annual Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards presented by iHeartRadio. In July 2019 they made their debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage, introduced by fellow road warrior, Opry-member Charlie Daniels. The band has continued a rigorous touring schedule while writing with some of the biggest songwriters in Nashville and recording new music set to release in 2020. For more information, please visit

Lauren Daigle's "Christmas Under the Stars" (CD #Giveaway) Show Coming December 6th, at 9pmET/6pmPT, Stream it for FREE on BYUtv! #ChristmasL3

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with a new Christmas special from Lauren Daigle! Join the GRAMMY and Billboard Music Award winner for Christmas Under the Stars, a cozy holiday concert on BYUtv, filled with holiday favorites like “White Christmas” and “Winter Wonderland,” Christmas lullabies like “Away in a Manger” and “What Child is This,” and of course her hits “Rescue” and “You Say.”


I love Lauren Daigle! I didn't know a thing about her until I heard her song, "You Say," about two years ago on the radio. Her voice is so beautiful. I could listen to her sing all day long. I fell in love with the song and her voice and bought her CD online that day. I love her attitude about everything, especially about life! NOW, she's made a Christmas CD!!! I will be purchasing it for sure! You should go and watch and stream her Christmas show, "Christmas Under the Stars," on December 6th at 9:00p.m. EST/6:00p.m. PST, on BYUtv or the BYUtv App!

In between each song, Lauren talks about her holidays with her family when she was younger and today. "White Christmas" was sang in a king of jazzy way. It was pretty cool the way she sang it. There's a live band playing music when she sings these wonderful Christmas songs.

BYUtv seems to be a FREE streaming service! You should check it out ASAP so you can watch Lauren Daigle's Christmas show, "Christmas Under the Stars," on December 6th at 9:00p.m. EST/6:00p.m. PST! You can download it on your phone, tablet, and possibly, your Roku. Stream the show for FREE on BYUtv any time after the premiere.


Enter below for a chance to Win a "Lauren Daigle CD: BEHOLD, A Christmas Collection" CD!!! Giveaway is open to residents who live in the main 48 continental United States, 18 years of age or older. Giveaway will end 11/30/2020. (I will personally be double checking each and every giveaway entry!)

Disclosure: I will receive a "Lauren Daigle CD: BEHOLD, A Christmas Collection" CD in exchange for my post from LEV3L. No other compensation was exchanged or received. The above opinions are mine and mine alone.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

"Antarctica" Movie Coming December 1st, to Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Youtube and more!


Written and directed by - Keith Bearden (Meet Monica Velour, The Raftman's Razor)

Starring - Chloë Levine (Trinkets, The OA, Adam), Clea Lewis (The Americans, Royal Pains), Damian Young (Ozark, Birdman, House of Cards), Bubba Weiler (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) and introducing Kimmie Muroya in her first feature film role, as the co-lead beside Chloe Levine.

Breaker Studios and Comedy Dynamics are pleased to announce that ANTARCTICA, written and directed by Keith Bearden and starring an incredible cast of emerging young talent Chloë Levine, Kimmie Muroya and Bubba Weiler alongside Clea Lewis and Damian Young, is set for release on digital platforms in the USA and Canada on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. 

Synopsis: Life-long friends Kat and Janet see everything flipped upside down as they hit senior year. Shy Kat is now popular, hooking up at parties, while misfit Janet is put on strange medication for her “bad behavior.” Things get even odder when Janet meets a cute boy who might be a time traveler, and Kat’s panicked parents send her off to sex rehab. Can anything make life in the suburbs normal again?

Blockchain Entertainment company Breaker Studios, known for the critically acclaimed Tribeca hit The Gasoline Thieves (Huachicolero) and documentaries including Trust Machine: The Story Of Blockchain and Rudeboy: The Story Of Trojan Records, has partnered with Comedy Dynamics, a subsidiary of the Nacelle Company, to release their original production ANTARCTICA. The Nacelle Company is known for Netflix’s Down To Earth with Zac Efron, The Movies That Made Us, and The Toys That Made Us, as well as Disney +’s Behind The Attraction and CW’s Discontinued.

ANTARCTICA was produced by Kim Jackson (Trust Machine, Blue Caprice) for Breaker Studios and Peter Ernsky for Oso Media. Chloë Levine served as an executive producer alongside Zach LeBeau for Breaker Studios.

Bearden said of his second feature film, “Antarctica is a movie that I've waited my whole life to make. I wanted it to be a movie for teens and anyone who remembers being one, inspired by the smart, funny women who I have met throughout my life and the intimate friendships they share. I am confident the story of Kat and Janet will connect with a wide audience."

Kim Jackson, CEO of Breaker Studios said, “this film is right on time and is a genre all of its own. Keith’s unique perspective shines.  We are thrilled to be partnered with Comedy Dynamics on its release. This film is sure to be a classic that many generations will enjoy watching together.”

ANTARCTICA premieres on Breaker, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Dish, Spectrum, Youtube and more on December 1, 2020. Pre-Order the film here:

"The Hardy Boys" NEW Series Coming to Hulu on December 4th! #TheHardyBoys

Hulu Original Series


**All 13 episodes streaming on Hulu Friday, December 4**

Synopsis: After a family tragedy strikes, Frank Hardy (Rohan Campbell), 16, and his brother Joe (Alexander Elliot), 12, are forced to move from the big city to their parent’s hometown of Bridgeport for the summer. Staying with their Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos), Frank and Joe’s quiet summer quickly comes to a halt when they discover their dad, detective Fenton Hardy (James Tupper) has taken on a secret investigation. Realizing that their Dad may be onto something the boys take it upon themselves to start an investigation of their own, and suddenly everyone in town is a suspect.

More info at


Rohan Campbell as ‘Frank Hardy’

Alexander Elliot as ‘Joe Hardy’

James Tupper as ‘Fenton Hardy’

Keana Lyn Bastidas as ‘Callie Shaw’

Linda Thorson as ‘Gloria Estabrook’

Bea Santos as ‘Aunt Trudy’

Adam Swain as ‘Chet Morton’

Atticus Mitchell as ‘J.B. Cox’

Riley O’Donnell as ‘Biff Hooper’

Cristian Perri as ‘Phil Cohen’

Rachel Drance as ‘Stacy Baker’

Stephen R. Hart as ‘The Tall Man’

Executive Producers: Athena Georgaklis, Joan Lambur, Peter Mohan, Doug Murphy, Jason Stone, Pam Westman

Lena & Snowball on DVD, Digital, and On Demand January 12th, from Lionsgate!

A heartwarming story about an unlikely friendship between a girl and a lion cub, Lena & Snowball will arrive on DVD, Digital, and On Demand January 12 from Lionsgate. The Lena & Snowball DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.


Bullied at school and lonely at home, Lena keeps hoping she’ll have a true friend someday. One afternoon, her dreams come true — in the shape of a cuddly white lion cub! Lena tries to keep playful Snowball out of trouble, but the clumsy poachers who kidnapped the valuable cub, and the cruel trophy collector who paid for him, are desperate to get him back. As Lena races to rescue poor Snowball, her new friend Jake will do anything to help. Be careful, or Snowball will melt your family’s heart!

JS Shelburne Premieres His Latest Single, "Bottoms Up Sundown!"

JD Shelburne Exclusively Premieres Latest Single, “Bottoms Up Sundown” With American Songwriter

Single To Be Included On Upcoming Album ‘Straight From Kentucky’ Due Out in 2021

Country music standout, JD Shelburne releases yet another staple country tune titled, “Bottoms Up Sundown.” The single details a simple day in the life of small-town America where you work hard, live right, and take the time to enjoy each blessing as they happen. When life gets complicated and all comes crashing down, this is the perfect song to ground listeners and bring them back to their roots. The release of “Bottoms Up Sundown,” builds anticipation for Shelburne’s upcoming album 'Straight From Kentucky' scheduled for release in early 2021, featuring more catchy country tunes like this. “Bottoms Up Sundown” is available to download and stream on all digital services now and is exclusively premiered on American Songwriter.

To listen to “Bottoms Up Sundown” on American Songwriter visit HERE.

“While preparing to record for my 2021 album, Straight from Kentucky, I spent many hours listening to music,” says Shelburne. At the end of 2019, I had more time on my hands to actually dig down deep into some great songs! I came across “Bottoms Up Sundown” on a demo my producer Phil O’Donnell (George Strait, Blake Shelton) and Brandon Kinney (Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell) had written, which had the vibe I was looking for. It screamed “small-town country anthem” and I know many of my fans can relate to the lyrics. We started testing the song at shows in early 2020 and my fans have begged us for this one ever since. I am so excited for y’all to hear our new version,” shares Shelburne.

Not one to sit for too long, Shelburne has taken every opportunity to deliver motivation through his music to fans through various levels of the pandemic including a handful of interactive Facebook live performances and the creation of a Facebook Fanclub. In addition to this new release, Shelburne was named by Texas Roadhouse as May’s ‘Artist of the Month’ nationwide. His previous single, “Straight From Kentucky” was featured in all locations seeing over 20,000 guests each month. Continuing to count blessings, Shelburne and family also welcomed their first child, Jax Dillon Shelburne in September. With plans to release his next album, ‘Straight From Kentucky’ in early 2021, country music fans will not want to miss what this humble sensation has in store for the coming months!

To keep up with JD Shelburne, follow his social channels linked below.

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About JD Shelburne:

Nashville-based country music artist JD Shelburne was raised on a tobacco farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky, just outside of Louisville. When JD was 19, he found a guitar after the death of his grandmother. He quickly learned how to play it, and began writing and singing songs on his own. By his sophomore year of college, he had found a few gigs at some local bars in Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky area venues, developing a large base of fans along the way. Fast forward to today, JD’s latest album Two Lane Town, is building upon his blossoming career as a modern country singer, songwriter, and performer. His debut single and video for “One Less Girl” world premiered on CMT in 2018, and then went on to become a Top 30 Music Row charted song at country radio. CMT again world premiered his second song and video for “She Keeps Me Up Nights” in April of 2019, which peaked at #3 of their 12 Pack countdown series. At the close of 2019, Shelburne joined international superstars like Lewis Capaldi and Billie Eilish on BandsInTown’s year-end fan favorites list — for playing more shows in 2019 than any other artist on their social networking platform! A global accomplishment for a country boy from rural Kentucky. JD's latest video for "Church Pew Bar Stool" recently hit #1 on CMT's 12-pack countdown.

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Banner Music Signs Child Artist, Walker Campbell!


Photo Credit: Banner Music

Nashville-based publishing company, Banner Music is happy to share that rising artist, Walker Campbell, is the newest addition to their Banner Believers roster with his single, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." His vibrant vocals perfectly sync with the jazzy production, proving that his talent is way beyond his years. Campbell is the youngest Banner Believer at just 11 years old.

“I love to sing and I really love to sing with Banner Music and I appreciate that they believe in me,” says Walker Campbell.

"Walker Campbell is a pleasure to work with and we are very excited to work with someone so talented and driven,” says Camilla Kleindienst, CEO of Banner Music.

Campbell recently starred in Banner Music’s James Robert Webb’s “Think About It” music video, where he impressed both Webb and Kleindienst with his talent and drive. Having accomplished so much at such a young age, such as learning to zipline, mastering Chess and earning his SCUBA certification, it is no surprise that Campbell is turning his love of music into a career. Limitations are non-existent in Walker’s mind, so it’s only fitting that he would want to model his career after his idols Bruno Bars, Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber. Young and hungry with an “old soul” disposition, Walker Campbell is well on his way to making a lasting impact in the music world and beyond.

"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" is scheduled to be released on November 27, 2020, but can be pre-saved here.

About Walker Campbell: 

At 11 years old, Walker Campbell already realizes the importance of hard work, persistence, and a “No Fear” attitude when it comes to crushing goals. The adventurous spirit learned to zipline not long after he learned to walk because he thought it was “cool to fly like Superman.” Around the age of seven, he became interested in chess and has since won several awards and tournaments, playing both kids and adults. On his 10th birthday, he challenged himself to get his scuba diving certification after watching his parents and older sister go deep in the water. And now, the spunky Memphis native is bringing that same ingenuity and confidence to the world he connects with the most—the world of entertainment. As the grandson of an accomplished church keyboardist and the child of classic rock loving parents, Walker was exposed to a diverse musical soundtrack from the time he opened his eyes. The Campbell walls echoed with tunes from Broadway, rock, country, and pop as did the car speakers on long rides. When two year old Walker belted out a solo from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in the back seat, his parents knew music was quickly and naturally becoming a second language. By the time he was in third grade, the starring role of Charlie in his elementary school production of Willa Wonka took Walker’s passion of performing to a whole new level. Voice lessons soon followed under the direction of legendary vocal coach, Bob Westbrook (Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Lucy Hale). Just three months into his lessons, Walker procured a spot as a finalist in the Delta Fair “Star of the Fair” competition with his rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. The precocious student has continued to pursue music with guitar and violin lessons, school productions, community theatre, and local functions. He most recently appeared in the “Think About It” music video for country artist James Robert Webb. While on set for the video, Walker and his family met Camilla and Daniel Kleindienst from Banner Music. And now, he is the youngest signed artist on Banner’s roster. His first ever release, a spunky rendition of the Holiday classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, is sure to turn heads and snap fingers. His vibrant vocals perfectly synch with the jazzy production, proving that his talent is way beyond his years. And so is his intuitive and adaptable nature when it comes to any situation. Never one to meet a stranger and always one to make people laugh, Walker hopes to dabble more into both songwriting and comedy as he gets older.  He is currently signed with an acting agent and auditioning for commercials and modeling gigs.

About Banner Believers Project:

Banner Music launched its new Banner Believers production project to give artists and writers a chance to get their music out. The concept is to release songs from artists who write with Banner Music’s staff songwriters without all the strings attached of a typical deal. Banner Music believes in these selected artists and the power of a song, and hopes this project provides the boost they need to advance their artist careers. “The Banner Believers Project is something that reflects the heart of Banner Music,” says Banner Music CEO Camilla Kleindienst. “We believe in artists, we believe in the power of songs, and we are a place of”‘Makin' things happen.”

About Banner Music:

Banner Music is a boutique style full service music publishing, production and management company.  We are the place where artists and songwriters are nurtured, encouraged and developed to find their voice of authenticity through creativity and passion. At Banner Music every songwriter, every artist and every client are supported in a way to advance their unique personal/professional goals. Our beautiful office on Music Row is part of the history of Music City. Banner Music’s approach to the music industry is honoring old school fundamentals with a progressive style.

"The Orange Years: The Nickelodeon Story" on Demand Today!


Available On Demand Today, November 17, 2020

Directed by: Scott Barber & Adam Sweeney

Featuring: Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Drake Bell, Melissa Joan Hart, Christine Taylor, Tom Kenny

For millions of children and adults, the Nickelodeon Network is synonymous with growing up. In just a few years, the channel grew from a small local channel to an international phenomenon that helped shape a generation. Led by trailblazing visionary Geraldine Laybourne and her commitment to putting kids first, a group of unconventional heroes turned an underdog channel into an $8 billion dollar juggernaut as the golden standard for children’s programming.

The Orange Years chronicles the rise of Nickelodeon, with the actors, writers, and creators from all the golden age Nickelodeon shows that shaped your lives. It’s wild. It’s crazy. It changed the world.