Friday, September 17, 2010

Thomas & Friends - Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure Giveaway on Our Ordinary Life (ends 9/30)

I want to win this for my son for Christmas!

Click HERE to enter a Giveaway for a Thomas and Friends - Zip, Zoom, and Logging Adventure on Our Ordinary Life. ($60 value) (ends 9/30)


Don't forget to enter my STRIDE Everyday Panties Giveaway!

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I just received my STRIDE Everyday Newletter! 
They are having a SALE on their French Cut Briefs! 
They are now only $14.99 a pair (regularly $19.99). 

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(I don't know if they will let you use both codes, but if they will, that might be a pretty cool deal!)

LOW Entry Giveaways on some Great Blogs!

A Story Before Bed Giveaway - Ends 9/20


Mastermind Game Giveaway - Ends 9/23 (3 Winners - only 31 entries so far!)

raising olives button


IPAD Case Giveaway - Ends 9/18 at Midnight EST  


Stila Custom Color Blush Giveaway - Ends 9/24


Kidz Gear Wireless Headphones for Kids - Ends 9/20

Tokyo Baby Monkey Pants - Ends 9/27


Pint Size Productions Customized Board Book Review and Giveaway - Ends 9/20

ChicoBag Review and Giveaway - Ends 9/23

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HydroRight Review and Giveaway - Ends 9/21

Radius Toothbrushes Review and Giveaway - Ends 9/25


Thursday, September 16, 2010

LOW Entry Giveaways on My Baton Rouge Mommy!

Bebe Bella Blanket Giveaway! (Ends 9/17 at 12noon)

Fergies Outspoken Perfume Giveaway! (ends 9/17 at 12noon)

Tupperware Chop and Prep Chef Giveaway! (ends 9/18 at 12noon)

Sears Back to School Crush Kit Giveaway that Includes:
$175 Sears Gift Card
One of the hottest trends for fall the Bongo Power Skinny Denim Jeggings $19.99
Rebecca Bonbon Girl’s Paw Print Umbrella $5.99
Rebecca Bonbon Sequin Tote $19.99
Bailey Blue Junior’s Military Strapless Ponte Dress $29.99 (VERY CUTE!)
This gift package is worth over $250!!!
(Ends 9/22 at 12noon)

Scentsy Plug-In Warmer and 3 Scents Giveaway! (ends 9/23 at 12noon)

Some printable coupons and discount codes

Click HERE to print out a $3.00 off coupon for the NEW Purina Pro Plan Selects Dry Dog Food. (expires 10/16/2010) (This is also a BRICKS coupon, so make sure to click the back button on your browser to print it twice!!!)

Click HERE for a $1.50 off coupon when you buy 2 Glade Scented Oil Candle products. (expires 10/16)

Click HERE for Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes Coupons! 
(exp. 9/23)

On use code BEDDING10 at check out to receive 10% off of your infant or toddler bedding when you spend $100 or more! (offer ends 9/23) is also offering $10 off your next order for signing up for their email list! Click HERE to sign up for their email list!

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Candy Corn Cake Recipe Link on Oh My! SUGAR HIGH!


I want to try to make this cake, and soon!

Featured today on Oh My! SUGAR HIGH
Click HERE to get the recipe!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enter to win either an Angelina Ballerina or a Thomas DVD from Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports! ends 9/25

Click HERE for a chance to win either an Angelia Ballerina: Love to Dance DVD or a Thomas & Friends Misty Island Rescue DVD/Blu Ray combo pack on Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports!
Ends 9/25

Enter to win a cute shirt or onesie for your little on from Uncommonly Cute on Life with the Stevens! Ends TONIGHT!!!

Click HERE to enter this giveaway for a cute tshirt or onesie from Uncommonly Cute for your little one from Life with the Stevens! 
Ends TONIGHT!!! 

Wee Squeak Shoes Giveaway on The Life and Times...ends tonight!

Click HERE to enter this Great giveaway for a pair of Wee Squeak Shoes on The Life and Times of the Perry Family
Low Entries.

Want a BONUS entry into my STRIDE Everyday panties Giveaway?

Then click HERE and follow this blog publicly on Google Friend Connect AND leave her a comment on one of her posts and tell me which post it was! Make sure to leave your comment on the giveaway post, thank you. Click HERE to go to the giveaway post!

Jen Singer's mother was only 32 when she died (Jen was an infant) and now that Jen herself is turning 32 (and is a mother of 2), she wanted to do something special. So every month for the next year, she's going to try and overcome a fear or meet a goal and blog about it.

This sounds like a lot of us. I am now 35 years old with 2 toddlers, a 3 year old and a 14 month old. I have yet to really accomplish much of anything. I have my husband, our house, 2 cars, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and not much more. I haven't done anything spectacular yet. I guess it's time to get a move on!

Here is a paragraph from her latest entry:
"So here it is at the end of my birthday and already I feel like a different person. Older, yes. Tired, yes. Frightened, ok. But invigorated too. The outpouring of support I have encountered since launching this project has been tremendous. And to all of you who have shared your thoughts, personal stories of struggle and fears of bicycles... thank you for putting your trust and your faith in me."

Click HERE to go to this blog called "Year 32" and follow her posts. I can't wait to read them!

Wordless Wednesday! (9/15) - Freaky Photo!

My son Matthew was 12 months old when this photo was taken. It was a few weeks after his 1st birthday, we went to CA to see my parents. He was trying to give my dad a dirty look, I think. I don't know, all I do know is that it's freaky and scary.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Click HERE for a chance to Win an Inspired by Finn Baltic Amber teething necklace from Cheerios and Tricycles
Ends 9/15 11pm PST

Cheerios and Tricycles: Reviews and Giveaways

LOW Entry Giveaways!

Pillsbury "Sweet Moments" Prize Pack Giveaway on There are Two Sides! (ends tomorrow, 9/15)

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Giveaway on Acting Balanced! (ends Thursday,  9/16)

$10 DG Giftcard Giveaway on Coupon Clippin' Daddy! (ends 9/17)

Coupon Clippin' Daddy

Monday, September 13, 2010

101 Followers!!! YEAH!!!!

I never thought that I would get here, but this is awesome! I love you guys too! I will try to post some more things later this week. Today I have to go clothes shopping and to the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. We are going on vacation in October, so you won't be hearing much from me but once or twice a week then, as I will be trying to enjoy not being tied to my computer!

Thank you all so very much for following my blog! Make sure to click HERE to enter My STRIDE Everyday Panties with bulit in liner giveaway! These panties are so comfortable, you honestly won't even know that your wearing them! If you want a second chance to win them and a giveaway with low entries, click HERE to go to My Magnificent Obsession! Under 20 entries right now!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Babylegs Giveaway on The Mommy Times! ends 9/25

Click HERE to go to The Mommy Times and enter a giveaway for some Babylegs and for a 20% off code! 
Giveaway ends 9/25 @ midnight!

The Mommy Times

Babylegs "Blast From the Past" 3 packs of leg warmers are still only $15!!! Click HERE to check them out and other items that are on Sale!!!