Friday, February 21, 2020

College Prep For Homeschool Students #sponsored

My twelve year old son has high functioning Autism. So far, he has done ok with public school, but I feel that he would do better if he was homeschooled. Same with my ten year old daughter, she likes schoolwork, but hates the teachers and classmates. She would probably graduate at sixteen or seventeen years old if she was homeschooled. Inbetween work and taking my kids to school, I try to listen to podcasts about life and homeschooling my children.
This post is sponsored by College Prep Science. Copyright 2020 by Greg Landry.
Former college professor, homeschool dad, and homeschool science pioneer, Greg Landry, is
excited about two new homeschool student-produced print publications. He’s assembling a
"production team" of homeschooled students to produce these print journals. Here’s the information:
The Journal for Homeschooled Creators
This print journal is to showcase the work of homeschooled students (6th-12th grade) who create: writers,
paint/sketch artists, crafters, designers, welders, sculptors, architects, photographers, coders, blacksmiths, etc. 
The Journal for Homeschooled Scientists
This print journal is to showcase the work of homeschooled students (6th-12th grade) who do science
research/experiments and would like to publish their research. A part of the mission of this publication will
be to train young scientists.
​The Student Production Team
We're in the process of assembling a “student production team” (8th-12th graders) to produce these print
publications. They will be totally student-produced with some adult guidance. These volunteer positions
will give students valuable publishing experience, the opportunity to work with a like-minded team and
develop leadership skills, and the opportunity to produce a print publication (yes, you can actually hold
it in your hand) they can be proud of. 

Also, this is exactly the type of rare high school student experience that college admission
committees love to see. Students can include this work as academic credit on their homeschool transcript.
We're Seeking Homeschooled Students (as part of the production team) To Do...
- Coordination/selection of submissions for the journals
- Graphic design
- Layout
- Copywriting/editing
- Artwork and more! 
​If you have an interest, please visit our website for details:

Homeschool dad, scientist, and former college professor, Greg Landry, offers live, online homeschool science classes, Homeschool ACT Prep Bootcamp, the Homeschool Mom’s Science Podcast, in-person two-day science lab intensives nationwide, freebies for homeschool moms, and student-produced homeschool print publications.