Monday, June 14, 2021

"Little Sap: The Magical Story of a Forest Family" - Children's Book Review!

 I love books, especially children's books! I love the illustrations and stories, and "Little Sap" does not disappoint! Little Sap wonders if she'll ever be tall enough and big enough to reach the sky and out of the shade so she can be in the sun. In the back of the book, it includes information for teachers and educators about Forest Families, Mother Trees, Saplings, Wonderous Trees, and Forest Whispers. You can purchase "Little Sap" online or at your local book retailer.

A young tree learns that growth is a beautifully slow process that requires the help of her underground friends in this tale celebrating the magic of forest families.

Little Sap can't wait to grow tall and strong and touch the sky. But growing takes time. With protection and wisdom from Mother Tree, the tallest and wisest in the grove, and a helping hand from her fungi friends, Little Sap inches slowly toward the light.

"In summer, the tall trees around her fill the sky with green. Little Sap reaches as high as she can.... but she is still swallowed up by the shade. Will she ever reach the light?"

In this sweet story of a young tree through the seasons, we discover a wonderous community where humble fungi and majestic trees support one another to form a forest family. Complete with backmatter detailing the science behind this symbiosis, this is a tale of the wonders of family and interconnectedness.

Jan Hughes is a longtime Bay Area editor and writer. This is her first, and hopefully not last, picture book. She lives with her husband and son in San Francisco and is passionate about all things trees.

Ruth Hengeveld is an illustrator and fine artist who lives in the Netherlands. She is an avid hiker, camper, and nature lover who spend time among the old-growth redwood forests of Northern California's Muir Woods in preparation for this book. She is the illustrator of "Oh, Near," also published by Cameron Kids.

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