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Foster Boy - In Theaters & On Demand Now - Movie Review. #FixFosterCare #FosterBoy

Shaquille O’Neal Presents "Foster Boy"

Foster Boy has a HUGE, familiar cast! A nineteen year old young man name Jamal is in jail and has a civil suit pending against the company, Belcore Family Services, that kept placing him in different foster homes where he was abused and more. His social worker wouldn't listen to Jamal's cry for help that he was being raped and beat by older boy who was placed in the foster home when Jamal was ten. This older boy raped Jamal from the time he was ten, until he was thirteen years old. Jamal didn't tell his foster parents at the time because he was so scared.

An older white, corporate lawyer gets assigned to Jamal's case, pro bono, because he's never taken on any pro bono cases before. In Jamal's first foster home, his foster mom beat him and hit him for dumb reasons. In his second foster home, the man of the house used to beat him badly, way worse then his first foster home. Jamal is terrified to talk about what happened to him. He may be a young man, but inside, he's a scared child.

Jamal does learn that if he doesn't face his fears and stand up for himself and for what's right, that his voice and case, won't be heard. Does Jamal win his case, or does he lose? This movie is worth watching for anyone ages fourteen and up. I also feel that all foster children should see this movie, maybe ten years of age and older, as they may be able to relate to the story if they've been in bad foster homes before. This movie might help them to open up and talk about what they've been through.


DIRECTED BY: Youssef Delara (The Bounce Back)

WRITTEN BY: Jay Paul Deratany (Saugatuck Cures)

PRODUCED BY: Shaquille O’Neal, Jay Paul Deratany, Andrew Sugerman, Peter Samuelson, Anne Marie Mackay, Michael Parris

STARRING: Shane Paul McGhie (Greenleaf, Unbelievable), Matthew Modine (47 Meters Down, The Dark Knight Rises), Louis Gossett Jr (Roots, Watchmen), Michael Hyatt (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Snowfall), Michael Beach (If Beale Street Could Talk, Chicago PD), Greg Germann (Grey’s Anatomy, Ally McBeal), Julie Benz (Dexter, A Gifted Man), Lex Scott Davis (The First Purge, Training Day)

About the movie: Michael Trainer (Matthew Modine) is a high-powered corporate lawyer, estranged from his family and his humanity; Jamal Randolph (Shane Paul McGhie) is an angry young man who has been imprisoned after enduring years of abuse in the corrupt foster care system. If Michael and Jamal can overcome their differences, they may find justice for Jamal and expose the immorality of for-profit foster care. Foster boy also stars Louis Gosset Jr., Julie Benz, Brenda Bakke, Amy Brenneman, Michael Beach, Greg Germann. It is Executive Produced by Shaquille O'Neal.

My Dad's Christmas Date - Movie, Coming to Theaters and On Demand November 6th!

In Theaters and On Demand on November 6, 2020

Directed by: Mick Davis

Starring: Jeremy Piven, Olivia Mai Barrett, Hadar Cats, Megan Brown Martinez, Roger Aston-Griffiths, Nathalie Cox, and Joely Richardson

It’s Christmas and the charming city of York, home to Jules, 16 and her Dad, David is decked out ready for the festive season. In many ways, David and Jules’ relationship is no different from that of most fathers and their sixteen-year-old daughters. He struggles to understand her, she refuses to communicate with him. He wants to be involved in her life, she wants her own space. In one important respect, however, David and Jules share a profound bond: the death of Jules’ mum, and David’s wife, in a car crash two years before. With both struggling to cope with everyday life in the shadow of their loss, Jules, inspired by happy memories of her mum, decides to take matters into her own hands.

Disney+ Releases First Look Trailer For "Marvel's 616" Anthology Docuseries! #Marvel616



Today, Disney+ shared the trailer for its upcoming original documentary series “Marvel’s 616,” streaming on the service November 20. The eight-episode anthology series gives viewers a deeper look into the creative world of Marvel.

Episode Titles and List of Directors:

“Japanese Spider-Man” Directed by David Gelb

“Higher Further Faster” Directed by Gillian Jacobs

“Amazing Artisans” Directed by Clay Jeter

“Lost and Found” Directed by Paul Scheer

“Suit Up!” Directed by Andrew Rossi

“Unboxed” Directed by Sarah Ramos

“The Marvel Method” Directed by Brian Oakes

“Marvel Spotlight” Directed by Alison Brie

“Marvel’s 616” explores Marvel’s rich legacy of pioneering characters, creators and storytelling to reflect the world outside your window. Each documentary, helmed by a unique filmmaker, showcases the intersections of storytelling, pop culture, and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Episodes in this anthology series will cover topics including Marvel’s world-spanning artists, the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics, discovering the “forgotten” characters of Marvel, and much more.

“Marvel’s 616” is produced by Marvel New Media with Supper Club. The series is executive produced by Joe Quesada, Shane Rahmani, Sarah Amos, John Cerilli, Harry Go, and Stephen Wacker for Marvel; and Jason Sterman, Brian McGinn, and David Gelb for Supper Club.

Monday, September 28, 2020

The Glorias (On Amazon Prime Video and to Purchase, Sept. 30!) - Movie Review! #TheGloriasMovie #BeInspired #RoadsideAttractions

"The Glorias" will also be available for purchase on Digital and Streaming on Amazon Prime Video on September 30, 2020!

This is one of the BEST movies I have seen in a long time! As women, even today, we are often overlooked with our ideas. Things have gotten better. There are more women ran businesses today then ever before! But in some companies, women still don't earn the same amount of money as men do for the same position.

Gloria Steinem stood up for women's rights. She wrote articles for many newspapers and magazines. But many times, her articles went unpublished because she was a woman. 

Along with Diane Schulder (author of a book titled "Abortion Rap") and others, she helped create "Ms. Magazine." The first ever women's magazine written and owned by women, for women. If it wasn't for women like Gloria Steinem, nothing I write on my blog, my stories, or poems, would be meaningless to others, because it would have been published, with a man's name.

About half way through the movie, Bette Midler makes an appearance as Bella Abzug. She served in Congress for three terms from 1971 to 1977. Abzug’s political flair and unwavering determination helped inspire an entire generation of women and created a new model for future Congresswomen. Even today, most of our state reps, house reps, and members of congress, are white men.

This movie, The Glorias, shows how at times, Gloria Steinem felt like a scared little girl. The movie looks back on her childhood, teen and young adult years. Gloria is spoke at at least two Catholic churches in real life, but one in the movie. Here's what I found online as to what she said: (found this here published in November 1978)

"In two 20-minute addresses, Steinem had said, "Until women control our lives from the skin in, we cannot control our lives from the skin out." "Women have never been able to see the god in themselves," she said. "We have been made to doubt our own strength and wisdom." 

"We will defend always," she said, the right of every woman and man to reproductive freedom. That is as important as freedom of speech or freedom of assembly - at least as important. Without that, there is no freedom of choice. . . ."


Gloria Steinem became a speaker on women's rights and issues because she listens. She hears us! Our fears, our hopes, our dreams, and more.

Every teenaged girl and every woman needs to see this movie. As we speak, women's rights are being taken away again. Many U.S. states are once again, trying to ban abortion: Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and a majority of the Eastern United States.

Gloria Steinem, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and many other women have helped fight for us to have these rights, and in half of the U.S. States, women are just letting these rights fade away, again. Abortion sucks! BUT it's our choice!

You can follow Gloria Steinem on Twitter and MS. Magazine is still available to purchase today! The Glorias movie is based on the book "My Life on the Road," by Gloria Steinem herself!

It was an honor to have seen this movie. Gloria Steinem's life is full of American History, Cherokee History, Asian Women's history, along with how life was and still is, in parts of India, and more. (I spent four months living in India back in 2006. In 2006, they still needed their husband's "permission" to wear pants or jeans.")

I hope that you go see this movie. Then I hope that you share about it with your family, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, female friends, and more. I hope that it inspires you to be yourself and to let yourself shine and to not be afraid of what the men around you in the workplace think about you. Who cares what they think? Some men are encouragers, while some men today will day and do anything to keep us from being who we are meant to be. Check out the trailer below. 

"The Glorias" will also be available for purchase and on Amazon Prime Video on September 30, 2020!


Directed by: Julie Taymor

Written by: Julie Taymor and Sarah Ruhl

Based on the book ‘My Life on the Road’ by Gloria Steinem

Starring: Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Bette Midler, Janelle Monáe, Lorraine Toussaint, Lulu Wilson, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kimberly Guerrero

About the Movie: Journalist, fighter, and feminist Gloria Steinem is an indelible icon known for her world-shaping activism, guidance of the revolutionary women’s movement, and writing that has impacted generations. In this nontraditional biopic, Julie Taymor crafts a complex tapestry of one of the most inspirational and legendary figures of modern history, based on Steinem’s own biographical book ‘My Life on the Road.’ THE GLORIAS (Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Lulu Wilson, Ryan Keira Armstrong) traces Steinem’s influential journey to prominence—from her time in India as a young woman, to the founding of Ms. magazine in New York, to her role in the rise of the women’s rights movement in the 1960s, to the historic 1977 National Women’s Conference and beyond.

THE GLORIAS includes a number of iconic women who made profound contributions to the women’s movement, including Dorothy Pitman Hughes (Janelle Monáe), Flo Kennedy (Lorraine Toussaint), Bella Abzug (Bette Midler), Dolores Huerta (Monica Sanchez) and Wilma Mankiller (Kimberly Guerrero).

Taymor gives us her singular take on that rare genre- the Female Road Picture, one in which the female leads do not die in the end, and where the “narrative” is not driven by romance or a bad marriage, or unrequited love or, for that matter, men. Gloria’s road story is about her “Meetings With Remarkable Women”. And that is a love story in itself.

139 Minutes | Rated R

For More Info:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram