Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wednesday 7/31, Low Entry Giveaways

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"I Don't Like To Eat Ants" - Children's Book Review!

I Don't Like to Eat Ants by JTK Belle [Picklefish Press, August 1, 2019]. We would love to gift you a copy of the book to review, as parents will relate to the timeless message and children will love the fun illustrations created by Sabine Mielke.

I Don’t Like to Eat Ants follows two anteaters and the pros and cons about their diet of ants. Anteater Two insists it’s in their nature to only dine on ants, but Anteater One doesn’t like the taste and tells Anteater Two about the wonderful foods he’s tried and enjoyed more those little bugs. When Anteater One treats Anteater Two to a sandwich at the Peanut Butter and Jelly Deli, he too discovers he likes peanut butter and jelly, and decides to try more foods since he won’t know what he likes unless he is willing to take a chance.

“I Don’t Like to Eat Ants is meant to be read again and again, and enjoyed by parents and children alike,” says Jeffrey Belle. “It’s charm and silliness attract the early readers, but the moral is one parents know all too well and will appreciate.”

The family of authors known as JTK Belle—father Jeffrey and his children Tommy and Katie—founded Picklefish Press in 2017. Their previous works include Freeda the Cheetah, Katherine’s Bike was Wonderfully Strange, and Tommy O’Tom in a Tub O’ Trouble. Katie and Tommy both are passionate about nonprofit work, as Katie raises funds for pediatric cancer research, and Tommy focuses his philanthropic efforts toward wildlife conservation. Jeff currently works for Amazon Publishing. The family resides in Seattle.

My Review: 
Adorable children's book! Especially great for children who are picky eaters. If kids would just give new foods a chance, they might actually like what they are tasting. This book would be fantastic for children with sensory food issues too!

Purchase your copy online or at your nearest book retailer starting August 1st!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Smith publishing in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

Ella and Mrs Gooseberry - Children's Book #Review!

"Ella and Mrs Gooseberry" by Penelope Pratley & Vikki Conley (EK Books, August  2019), a gentle, heartwarming story about finding love.

Grumpy old Mrs Gooseberry from next door has lost her love. ‘I didn’t know you could lose love,’ says Ella. So she begins her quest to find out what love looks like and how she can help Mrs Gooseberry to rediscover it. Her mother says love is like home-cooked pie. Her teacher says it’s like lanterns in the night. Perhaps love might look like a little kitten. Ella and Mrs Gooseberry is a heart-warming picture book about a child’s understanding of love, selfless giving and how it makes you feel.

My Review:
Beautiful book! Well written. When reading it, children will learn what love is.  Ella cared a lot about her neighbor, but her neighbor had nothing to care about other than her chickens and her garden. She had no one to talk to or play with, or spend her days with, until Ella did something special for Mrs. Gooseberry!

Disclosure: I received one copy of "Ella and Mrs. Goosberry" children's book, from EK Books, in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged or received.

"Grandpa’s Noises" by Gareth St John Thomas & Colin Rowe - Children's Book Review!

About the book "Grandpa’s Noises" by Gareth St John Thomas & Colin Rowe:
Children love laughing about body noises. In Grandpa’s Noises, a range of sounds and words coming from body and mouth are explained in a warm and funny intergenerational romp. For example, ‘Eyenolessgofurawark’ is obviously Grandpa-speak for ‘I know, let’s go for a walk’. But some sounds — like the ‘Fffffffft’ that sometimes escapes Grandpa’s bottom — need no explanation!

My Review:
Very cute book! Especially for 2-6 year olds, up to Kindergarten. Grandpas can make a lot of noise, and for little children, they can be quite curious about them. The older we get, the more our bodies snap, crackle, and pop!

Purchase your copy today of Grandpa's Noises on Amazon (non-aff. link) or at your local book retailers!

Disclosure: I received one copy of "Grandpa's Noises" children's book from EK Books in exchange for my post. No other compensation was exchanged ore received.

Tuesday 7/30, Low Entry Giveaways!

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday 7/28, Low Entry Giveaways!

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